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Hi girls! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We (Stephen and I) didn't do much of anything, which was just fine with us : ) We did finish putting up all the Christmas decorations and also cleaned out our 2nd guest bedroom, which we're going to turn into an office/library. We don't have guests that often and having two un-used rooms just seemed silly to us.

So naturally, I've been perusing the inter-webs in search of decorating ideas and furnishings for a chic home office.

via Pinterest

To my husband, any room with a tabletop and chair functions as an office. Give him a ball point pen and a laptop and he can work just fine. Neither gale-force winds nor harsh overhead lighting can stop him from cranking out spreadsheet after spreadsheet. He is a man's man. And that is why I love him.

I, however, crave a room that inspires ideas, cultivates creativity and makes me want to work. I need soft lighting, a luxe chair and opulent office utensils. I am, essentially, an office snob.

I also need a really awesome tape dispenser.

Below are a few little items that I think would look right at home in our new office...don't you?

1) Seychelles Chandelier by Serena & Lily; 2) Pink Moroccan Leather Pouf by Serena & Lily; 3) Martini Side Table in Lemon from West Elm; 4) Honeycomb Lamp w/White Shade; 5) Waste Basket from Ikea; 6) Zig Zag Rug

In other home decorating news, we are STILL waiting on the delivery of our new coffee table and end tables. I'm honestly beginning to wonder if we would've been better off to procure some timber and build them ourselves, at this rate anyway.


P.S.- Come back tomorrow to learn about Savoir-Faire, a store that's taking NWA by storm!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I am SO with you on being an office snob. My office at work is DECKED-OUT. If I'm gonna work, I better feel good doing so. At my office, I HAVE to have perfect lighting (aka-a lamp, not the fancy schmancy vitamin D lights our company had installed), a "chair" (aka-a balance ball) and cute accessories. People could literally come in my office 20 times a day and see something different/new every time. I love it! Also-I think I rearrange my desk daily. It's a sad obsession.

    So fun! Love what you've picked out so far! (Especially that chevron rug!)

  2. I realized this weekend... upon having over my brother-in-laws and one of their friends to watch an allllll day movie that I probably should have put away the Christmas decorations... oh well there is always next weekend. We spent last weekend organizing what we call the "man cave" and what I also call my workout room. The wedding gifts had taken it over.

    I would love to have a nice, put together office like this. I can't wait to see how you decorate yours!

  3. I'm with you...I want my office space to be a place I actually want to be...love the photos, especially the tape dispenser :)

  4. I enjoyed reading some of your blog. The tape dispenser was cute! check mine out, I'm new

  5. OMG I am completely with you on the office snob deal! That's hilarious, because no lie, about ten minutes before reading this, I put up a new dry erase board in my office. This may sound like no big deal, but here's the reality: It's a magnetic dry erase/corkboard combo, that looked like it had been attacked by a scrapbook by the time I got through with it. :-) And to top it off, I was so proud of my creative work, I took a picture and sent it to my mom and boyfriend. Sad, yes, I know. But I have to have a beautiful space to compensate for the gawd-awful cubicle walls and dismal fluorescent lighting. :-/

  6. OHMYGOSH I'm obsessed with scoring pinterest for good office ideas. There are so many good ones!


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