Confessional Friday: Link-Up

1. For my first confession, I’ll just refer y’all over to my little posty-toasty from today or just see the below pic. Embarrassing. 

2. We attended our first POA meeting tonight for our subdivision. I wanted to gouge my eyes out about 10 minutes into it. That’s how fun and informative it was.

3. I’m getting my hair highlighted Saturday morning. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to indulge in one of the salon’s DELISH mimosas. It’s okay to imbibe at 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday, right? Right??

4. My closet is bloated. I think it may be time for a blog sale. Although, I have a strangely difficult time letting go of clothes. I could probably give away a baby easier than I could a pair of shoes. #ClothesHoarder

5. We (yes “we”, as in my husband and I) are nearing the end of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. I’m sad about this. I’m not quite ready to let go of Katniss, Peeta and Gale and District 13.

6. And yes, my husband and I read together. Out loud. Like elementary school story time style.

7. I have had a coke every single day this week. Shout out to my girl Kelly – my soda-pop soul sistah.

8. I completely plan to watch Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding tonight. As you can see, I have very high standards when it comes to quality television.

9. My lunch today consisted of Cheese-Its, mini pretzels and a Salty/Sweet Granola Bar. #BalancedDiet

10. My lunch plans tomorrow include Chipotle. Which is not calorie-laden and heavy at all. At all.

Don’t stress yo’self, confess yo’self!

Be blessed, lovelies-

P.S.- PLEASE do not link up if you aren't actually participating in Confessional Friday. (And yep, I do check every link.) Thanks for being considerate, y'all! : )


  1. Haha I would drink a mimosa at 10am!

  2. i love you oops picture! Made me smile!! And I think you are perfectly in your rights to have a mimosa at 10 am on a Saturday. It's a brunch drink and brunch is at 10! You go girlie!!

  3. i went into a brief depression after finishing hunger games. lasted about 10 minutes after i finished crying because i just started to read them all over again haha! and i might have to read them a third time.

  4. I believe I've had a mimosa BEFORE 10 AM. Mockingjay ending = boo hooooooo!!

  5. A. It's never to early for a mimosa girlfriend! (As long as there's more orange juice in it than champagne, you're good) B. I would love it if you did a blog sale. C. Totally adorbs that you and your husband read aloud together - love it. And D. I can't wait to pick up an icy coke at Chickfila today for lunch. Happy Weekend!

  6. I'm absolutely watching Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding - too hilarious not to! Also, if you're at the salon, there's not time restrictions on mimosas :)

  7. Spoiler Alert: Did you say District 13? Did you really mean district 12. I'm on the 2nd book right now and that district 13 comments got my head in a tizzy. That's so cute that you and hubby read together. And yes. Have a closet sale. I'm thinking we just might be about the same size and I'd love to get my grubby hands on some of your awesome wardrobe.

  8. I watched a bit of Don't Be Tardy to the Wedding - I really can't say how I feel about it..it's just all so overdone.

    But I love to see people happy and in love - so!!

  9. When my husband and I do devotions together we read elementary style, as well! That's the way to go! :)

  10. EEE! Soul Sistahs fo' sho! Mmm you just made me want a coca cola! I might have to refrain today, our paper rep brought donuts ... I caved, totally caved. But it was worth it, they were WARM!!!

    Happy Weekend Doll - If I get a chance I will link up, I have some serious confessing to do about a certain potty mouth I had last night when my favorite NFL team didn't pick one of the Alabama boys in the Draft... SO angry! grrr!

    Cheers lovely!

  11. Comment #2 - I am having serious Hunger Game fits since I finished reading. Nothing I pick-up is quite touching my heart like that series did. Relish it girl.

    and I have to say I think it's so cute that you guys read outloud!!!! What a great way to share the book!

    My hubby and I have both been reading Kitchen Confidential at the same time, but alone... he's finished the book, I haven't and he keeps wanting to talk about it and I'm all "SHHHHH! I HAVEN'T GOTTEN THERE YET!!!!" ;)

  12. Oopsie - can't get my Confessional Friday link to post! I hope I didn't just add it twice, but it doesn't show up for me!


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