Warm Weather Eating: How We Eat "Skinny"

First off, I have to wish two very special people Happy Anniversary! My mom and dad are celebrating 32 years of marriage today. I'm very grateful for the amazing example that they've set for my brother and I and it's so great to see that they're still so in love, more than three decades after they first said "I do".


When spring and summer come, my eating habits change a little bit. I’m always pretty portion-conscious, but even more so in the warmer months because…
Dun-Dun-Dun…(cue evil music)

….bikini season is RIGHT around the corner.
Okay, so really wearing the ‘kini (as I like to call my two-piece) isn’t the only thing that plays into my lighter eating habits. It also just feels better to consume less-heavy foods when it’s 1,019 degrees outside.
S and I sort of subconsciously switched over to healthier food lately, which I greatly attribute to the warmer temps. Here are a few of the items on our grocery list right now:

Grilled chicken
Skirt steak
Ahi Tuna

Veggies n' Fruits

Non-fat Greek yogurt (we like the Fage brand)
Skim milk (or soy, if you are allergic to dairy)
Low-fat cottage cheese
Goat cheese
Half 'n half (for coffee)

Brown rice
Sweet Potatoes
English muffins
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat pasta
Bagel thins (the raisin and cinnamon are SO good!)

My favorite lunch right now is the Spinach/Goat Cheese/ Strawberry/Chicken Salad.
2 cups organic spinach
5 large strawberries, quartered
¼ crumbled goat cheese
4 oz. grilled chicken breast strips (we like the pre-bagged Tyson-ready strips)
2 Tbsp. Newman’s Own Lite Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette salad dressing

Other Tips:
-I’ve GIVEN UP STARBUCKS. Going on 3 weeks now, for real. I’ve quit. Instead, I’ve reacquainted myself with coffee and how great a simple cup with half ‘n half can be.  I throw in a couple teaspoons of real sugar, if I’m craving sweetness.

-Stephen and I don't drink anything, eat anything with aspartame or Splenda or Truvia or any other fake sweetener. This includes diet cola. Again, if you want a soda…drink a REAL soda.

-We don't avoid having an indulgent meal. In fact, Friday nights are our pizza nights (one of our favorite foods – thank you Pizza Hut big box!) Indulging once a week helps keep cravings at bay.

-I always think it's great to buy a swimsuit that you want to wear this summer or a pair of cute little shorts. I like to hang them in my closet and let it serve as my inspiration outfit for eating "clean"in spring.
So that's it...the things that keep us in check during the warmer months. Get swimsuit ready, y'all!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I actually like black coffee, which makes life easy when it comes to eliminating calories. You have inspired me, however, to cut out the diet drinks. I was good about no artificial sweeteners except diet coke, but I've cut the habit. I drink a coke when I want soda and just don't do it as often!

  2. You inspire me! I'm so bad with my diet cokes and splenda in my coffee every morning. ugh, I've got to stop. Thanks for the reminder!! btw - LOVE that swimsuit in the first pic.

  3. great tips girlie! I eat pretty much the same. Have you ever tried quinoa? It is so yummy and a different healthy thing to eat, I feel like I get so bored sometimes. I also like to make a good protein scramble - I use lean ground turkey, onions, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and egg whites - very yummy! :) I keep trying to tell my parents about the dangers of diet coke and they will not listen! its so frustrating. I haven't had a diet coke in probably 2 years!

  4. Awesome tips! Your grocery list is very similar to mine, which makes me feel good :)

  5. I'm on board with y'all! Last night I made a fresh and crunchy stir fry for dinner last night and it tasted so crunchy and fresh... Love eating clean!!

    XO Lucy

  6. That salad sounds amazing! That will be Monday's lunch!!
    Thanks for the idea!


  7. This is great! And so good to know. That salad sounds amazing!

  8. You should def try quinoa and I tried to quit starbucks until I tried the coffee at work... so hard to change. Hubs and I also do the one indulgent night which is also Friday!

  9. love all these suggestions and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for stating about the moderation of real sugar is ok. And that you need to stay away from all the faux sweetener stuff.

    My face hates it - I'm happy that breaking out has kept me from feeding my body splenda. It was the only one I liked remotely. But I figured that having 1 cup of Joe a day w/ some sugar won't kill me. And if I crave a Coca Cola, by George I'm going to have one.

    P.S. LOVE that salad! We have a version here called Red, White and Blue - and it has blue berries and almonds or walnuts in it. SO tasty. Anytime I can mix fruit and veggies I'm a happy camper!

  10. Pizza is totally one of my fav foods as well. Yum. I am so hooked on Splenda it's ridiculous. I put some in my morning coffee 5 days out of the week b/c I feel I can't spare the extra calories for the "real" thing and I don't like the taste without sweetner. I rarely drink soda. I was able to give that one up but I might have to accept that splenda is my nasty habit.

  11. Great tips!! Going to try the salad for lunch. It sounds delish!

  12. great post!!! good to know...im trying to diet for hawaii in 2 weeks! im trying to ween myself of SB too...its been hard! confessional friday tomorrow?!?!?!

    Lisa goes into the confessional booth at her church and says "Bless
    me father for I have sinned, I have taken unfair advantage of the
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    "Who was the man you took advantage of?"

    "I can't tell you, Father Leahy, because I do not want to embarrass

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  13. have this salad for lunch today!! :)


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