Confessional Thursday/Friday: Link-Up

Since I have a special post for you lovely gals tomorrow, I thought I’d go ahead and put up the Confessional Friday (or in this case, Confessional Thursday.)

Here are my very deep and complex thoughts for this week:

   1. I’m one month without Starbucks as of today! I never in eleventy thousand years thought this would happen. My waistline has never been so happy. And trim.

2 2. Not that this is new, but I’ve found myself once again making lists and putting things on them that I’ve already done, just so that I can cross the items off.  I’m pretty sure this would fall under the umbrella of OCD.

3 3. Stephen threw his back out doing squats in the gym this week. I have semi-enjoyed taking care of him and babying him : ) But don’t tell him that. He’ll go and injure himself again.

4 4. I am BEYOND thrilled with my new skirt, pants and top from Victoria’s Secret, all of which are perfect for wearing to work. Many of you may remember that the previous items I ordered didn’t fit. As in, couldn’t have fit if the best tailor in the world had taken a crack at them.

Well, this batch of goodies not only fit, but also fit well. #SucessfulShopping

4 5. The NWA Supper Club thing that I devised is stressing me out. It’s kind of becoming Pen Pal version 2.0.

a)    Out of 25 people, barely anyone can meet on the same night. Which is totally not anyone’s fault, it’s just frustrating for my Type-A, perfectionist nature. In my mind, everyone was going to send in their little questionnaires with the exact same dates marked.

Things always go much more smoothly in my head, you see.

b)   Then there were special dietary requests, which is totally fine and I can certainly accommodate that, but MY LANDS, this has gotten complicated. And now I’m terrified that my selecting the wrong restaurant could send someone into an allergic reaction.

c)    Then, I got an email from someone asking if another girl had asked to join the Supper Club and, if so, then she herself could not participate. Apparently they have some kind of beef. And I’m not talking about hamburger, y’all.

Stephen just laughs and shakes his head and says, “You do it to yourself.” My reply: “I just wanted to have dinner with some people!” Maybe we could all just have a Skype dinner together. I’ll take my MacBook to P.F. Chang’s and we’ll “virtually eat”. That won’t be weird or awkward at all.

5 6.  I had a lady recognize me from the blog in Walgreen’s the other day as “the little southern blonde girl that writes about hair poofing!”

Made. My. Day.

   7. If I have to be known as any three things Southern, Blonde and Hair Poofer are three really solid things to be known for, in my opinion.

   8.  I got caught up in a roundabout this week and went round and round three whole times before I could figure out how to get out of the stupid thing. Whoever designed this head-scratcher of a maze was clearly insane.

Or maybe just exponentially smarter than me.

Ok, ladies! What’cha got for me?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You crack me up, love reading these!

  2. Forget the supper club...I need a good excuse to come from the River Valley to NWA to shop...so I'll have dinner with you! :)

  3. You are so funny. I'd say you have arrived since getting recognized! So cool. You are practically famous. I HATE roundabouts. We have so few and I know i've been on one and been like wth??

  4. this just made me laugh when I needed one today! Love that you just wanted dinner! Pick a place and those who can come will and those who can't wont... don;t stress, its just dinner

  5. You are too funny. Here's my confession - I write things on my lists that I've already done so I can cross them off too!!

  6. Did you find a home for the sweet dog you found??

  7. We have tons of roundabouts in our neighborhood and I LOVE them! Roundabouts = no stopping = faster drive to work after too much time spent hair poofing!

  8. Oh my word, I think I just peed a little from laughing so hard on this post!!! You are hilarious and wherever and whenever you picked for dinner, I'd be there but unfortunately I'm in Michigan LOL! Hope it works out so you can get to eat some yummy food! Have a blessed weekend you funny girl!

    1. Oh and we have tons of roundabouts in our area and I really like them, much faster to get around unless you watch people going around and around and around!!! LOL!

  9. Hahaha! Funny girl! I hate the roundabout in front of the Neighborhood Market by Pinnacle. That thing is just silly.

  10. How about this, Leslie---> why don't you just pick a restaurant to eat at, pick a time and a date and whoever comes, comes and whoever doesn't, then oh well...maybe next time? See there, problem solved. I can't stand it when folks try and make things so much more difficult than they should be. Bless your heart, I love your southern, hair proofing blog...makes me proud to be a southern girl! :)


  11. I do the same thing with lists. When I'm grocery or whatever shopping, if I get something that isn't on the list, I add it to the list after I buy it then cross it off! Makes no sense but it looks better that way! Ha!



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