A Few Things for Your Thursday

It’s Thursday…so let’s get a little bit random, shall we? 
  • I began Book Two of The Hunger Games and already, I’m hooked again. Stephen and I are trying to read this one more slowly, so we can draw out the goodness a bit longer.We also may or may not have purchased the soundtrack to the movie to play in the background while we read.
 Does that make us nerdy? #IDon’tCare 
  • Stephen and I have been making an attempt to eat ZERO crap/junk food lately and it’s paying off. Daily meals consist of spinach-based salads, fresh berries, organic chicken, raw almonds, green tea with raw honey, etc.Let me state for the record: I’m not trying to lose weight or anything, but I can totally feel the difference in my body. I have more energy and more endurance throughout the day.

 So in summary, yes loves, eating good food really does make ya feel better.

  •  I scored a ton of goodies at Ann Taylor Loft on Tuesday night, so y’all need to get yo’selves there ASAP if you’re in the market for “work-appropriate attire”. I’m talking $20 dresses…$12 tops…$40 dress trousers…insanity. 
  • I feel like my hair has grown tired of my current shampoo. Or maybe it’s the weather? Either way, I feel like my locks are screaming for a new cleansing routine. What is your fav shampoo/conditioner duo?

          And yes, my hair is “color-treated”. Okay, more like, “my hair is on a regular diet of bleach 
          and foils.” Judge me. I’m blonde. I love it.

          So if you ALSO have thick, color-treated hair, leave a comment with your recommendation. 
          Please and thank you. 
  •   I’m so excited, (like jumping up and down), for the premiere of Dance Moms: Miami. Heavens, to Brenda. I mean, who knew that a show about dramatic mothers, living their dance dreams vicariously through their pre-teen daughters would cause such a ratings blitz? 
  • I realized this week that I wear the same pair of nude, patent pumps nearly every day. I would apologize, except for the fact that they coordinate so nicely with just about everything I own. So take it from me, it’s completely okay to wear the same shoes all seven days of the week. 
  • The same concept does not, however, apply to underwear. No ma’am.

IMPORTANT NEWS: Confessional Friday will be canceled tomorrow due to the announcement of a fabulous giveaway from A Blonde Ambition’s newest sponsor, ExVoto Vintage – an amazing jewelry boutique that’s filled with beautiful baubles.

via ExVoto Vintage
 Y’all will lurve. Pinky swear


 Confessional Friday will resume next week though, so don’t fret. We’re keeping that train going : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I am both obsessed with Dance Moms & nude pumps. It's the little things in life, right? :) xo

  2. Shampoo and Conditioner rec - I also have thick color-treated hair and use Redken. I love their shampoos and conditioners, but HIGHLY recommend the All Soft Heavy Conditioner.
    My hair stylist from thesmallthingsblog.com is simply amazing and that's all she uses.

  3. Oh man, I LOVE my nude, patent pumps. I wear them constantly too. ;) No shame in that game, sister!

  4. currently sporting my nude pumps for day #3!

  5. Hands down - Pureology Hydrating shampoo and conditioner is the best ever. I'm a hairstylist and i've used it for 8 years.

  6. I'm also a big fan of Redken's All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner. But the key for me is to keep about three different kinds of shampoo and conditioner in the queue. Mixing it up seems to help prevent buildup (plus, it's just fun!). :)

  7. I just started using LUSH's "BIG" shampoo and "Veganese" conditioner. They've worked wonders on my hair. I've never been so impressed with an S&P combo. I'm a blonde, like yourself, so another thing that I've been using is "MARILYN" from LUSH. It's a deep conditioner treatment. I can't even put into words the difference it's made in my hair. If you just try one thing, try the Marilyn!!!

  8. You're quite the lucky gal to be so on the same page (quite literally) with your man!! :)

    And, I say there's absotively nothing wrong with wearing nude pumps. I rock mine on the reg, too.

    Try a clarifying shampoo & deep conditioner once a week...my faves are Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two and Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Hair Mask.

  9. I used to be an aveda girl for shampoo and conditioner and then switched to Garnier Fructise. I love it! and so does my wallet.

    also- bwahahahahaa on the comment about underwear. too funny!

  10. I just started the second book too! It is super amazing. I agree I am trying to read just little bits at a time so it can last longer!

    I wear the same shoes all the time to work, when shoes work they work. Also, I fell even more in love with your blog regarding the underwear comment. Love it.

  11. From one thick haired blonde to another...Kerastase! It's expensive, but so worth it. I like their color treated and Nutritive Bain Satin lines :) Love, love, love!

  12. I want that girl in the pictures hair. I loved the Hunger Games just started the second one. And now I want to go to Ann Taylor Loft. naughty!

  13. I love my L'Oreal EverPure. I use the kind for moisture, but they have lots of types to suit your needs! I have color-treated, thick hair too and this works wonderfully! Plus it smells like heaven!

  14. Dove intensive repair!!! Amazing. That or john friedas blonde line. Also love redken all soft

  15. Dove intensive repair!!! Amazing. That or john friedas blonde line. Also love redken all soft

  16. I don't have shampoo suggestions, but I did want to say I have changed the way I am eating as well. I am doing a no sugar no flour way of eating. I am 4 wks out and can tell you I feel great! I wanted to do better for my body and I am so glad I did. I also cut out my diet pop thanks to you :). Good luck with your new way of eating!

  17. I've been coloring my hair blonde since I hit puberty, so I hear ya! I use Bumble + Bumble and love it, and try to deep condition once a week to help as well. Kerastase is pricey but great too, and you can order online to make it cheaper!!

    Just finished book 1 last night, can't wait to start book 2!!!


  18. I have thick, color-treated hair - I'm not blonde, but I get lighter highlights so I do the bleach routine also. I am always on the hunt for new/better shampoos and conditioners. Some of my favorites have been Bumble & Bumble Gentle shampoo and conditioner (yellow bottle), Alterna, Shu Umera (but sooo expensive!), and right now I am using and loving Redken Extreme shampoo & conditioner (blue bottle - I found this at my local grocery store!). I also just saw Redken has a Blongde Glam line - that might be fun!

    Patent, nude pumps? How about patent, nude, wedge espadrilles for $40?! Just bought these and they are my new all-time favorite shoe, they go with anything!!


  19. I just jumped on the Hunger Games wagon last week.. I've already blown through book 1, book 2 was finished in 2 days and I am half way though book three. I keep trying to slow down but EVERY time I say "OK... one more chapter... they toss in a cliff hanger and I'm like NO... I have to read more!

    I'm anxious to finish so I can watch the first movie. I didn't want to watch it for fear they may leak something form the next book...

    Shampoos are so hard for me... I find one I love and then I think it goes bad.... right now nothing will work for my hair, nothing but some cutting. I need a hair cut SO bad but I'm not sure if I want to go SHORT or just trim it a lot. :)

  20. I am actually loving the Sauve Keratin shampoo and conditioner. I have used everything for expensive brands to this and I have noticed a huge difference in my hair. I have thick color treated hair and live in the south where the humidity is through the roof and this seems to "control" my hair the best. I have had many people a notice! That is always a good sign :)

  21. I watched Dance Mom's Miami last night. I like it...but I'm just not feelin' it the way I have the original Dance Mom's but I'll give it more time. Thanks for the Anne Taylor Loft tip. I normally don't go there because it feels expensive BUT I'm actually going to be at a mall that has one tomorrow so I just might have to mosey on in there.

  22. I think I was more upset than Ms. Abby when Maddie forgot her routine. Hopefully DM's Miami is just as sickly entertaining.

  23. Everytime I read your blog I find myself dreaming of a job change so I can get dressed up! I used to be a Wedding Consultant and now a nanny so I went from business attire to yoga pants.... :(

    I do have to say though, I have some amazing nude pumps from... Target (!!) that I wear every weekend out with the hubs! Can't go wrong with that staple.


  24. LOVE the hunger games.

    and you are SO right about eating good= feeling good. while i am trying to lose weight, i mainly want to live a healthy lifestyle. it improves your energy, mood and overall feel!

  25. I LOVE dance moms. I love to critique the dancers and their technique. It is the dance teacher in me...



  26. hahaha great post! so sad i confess friday in cancelled! its my fav linkup! haha!

    xx Kelly


  27. Biolage Color Care Shampoo and conditioner is the set I use and love. I have thick, highlighted blonde hair! I highly recommend it!

  28. I JUST did a product review post on my blog about a product I started using that changed my life. I have color treated thick, but fine hair.


  29. Kerastase is an excellent brand for both shampoo/conditioner. I also use the Loreal professional line (found in salons only). Interesting note, Kerastase is actually a Loreal product.

    I also like Bumble & Bumble when I need to switch things up.

  30. I use ''YES to Carrots" shampoo and conditioner. Very natural and it's for color-treated hair. My hair and my skin feel amazing. I would highly recommend.

  31. I didn't read back through the comments, so someone probably already recommended these products. I have thick color treated hair and I love B&B coconut shampoo and their super rich conditioner. I also looooove the Moroccan Oil mask (the one in the tub with a brown lid). It is heavenly. Love your blog!

  32. Aveda all the way. I am very blond so I use the Blue Malva a few times a week and the color conserve and damage control as well. I get my hair bleached to heck with Aveda products and never have dry hair and the color is always perfect.

    I haven't seen the miami one (yet) but it did look juicy. I watch like 3 tv shows & this one is one of em!

    And I definitely wear the same pair of toms everyday. They're perfect for "the working girl that's always on the go" (which is probably why I go through a pair every four months) lol. :)


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