Seven Months

7 months. That’s how long Stephen and I have been married as of today. All I can say is “wow” – time really does fly.

In 7 months we’ve learned that:

-Crap will happen at work/with friends/with family/with cars/with garbage disposals. It’s best not to take out frustrations on each other.

-Instead, just make out. That solves a whole lot more than you’d think ; )

-Crockpots really are the best invention for working couples. EVER.

-Budgets are handy. Sticking to them…even handier.

-Buying more than ice cream and Doritos at the grocery store is necessary, especially when you plan to cook actual, grown-up meals.

-But having the occasional bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner, especially after a stressful day of work, is A- Okay.

-We definitely might not ever want kids. Especially after witnessing one too many screaming toddlers at Abuelo’s on Date Night.

-Sometimes it really is best just to call a professional.

-Saying sorry is essential for peaceful co-habitation.

-It really is possible to be more attracted to your spouse each day. Really.

-Underneath the bed is a great place to store random junk that a couple accumulates as you blend two households worth of stuff.

-A dance-off in the living room with your spouse is a perfect bonding experience.


It’s hard for me to put into words exactly how much I enjoy our little life together. Every day, every week is a new adventure. From eating ice cream sundaes on the couch at midnight to naming our imaginary Guido children (Guiseppe Genovese Roman Angelo Sisti), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Here’s to loving each other with reckless abandon for months, years and decades to come.


Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Congrats on your 7 months of marital bliss! May you and your hubby continue to fall more in love with each other every day :)

  2. HAHA! Make out. I like that!

    Crockpots are the bomb!! I use mine all the time!

    And we eat cereal for dinner at times!! Nothing wrong with that!

    Congrats on your 7 months!!

  3. Sometimes it hard to remember some of these small things. Especially after the kiddos and crazy life seem to come in the middle. Cereal is great for dinner.. Budget are awesome... and grocery shopping is a must. I feel like the last one is the one that husbands need more:-)

  4. Congrats on 7 months! It's crazy how time flies!

  5. this is so sweet :) congratulations and happy 7 month anniversary!!!!


  6. Awww, this was so sweet!! Congrats on your 7 months of blissful matrimony!!

  7. Every month gets better and better! Enjoy each and every one of them:) I don't know what the people who say the first year of marriage is the hardest are talking about. My husband and I will celebrate a year this month and it's been the best year of our lives. Yay for marriage! And making out! And crock pots!

  8. Congrats! Hubby and I just celebrated 9 months and I can definitely agree with so many of these!

  9. SO sweet - I loved this post!!

  10. Sweet post. Congrats on 7 months!!

  11. Saying sorry is essential for peaceful co-habitation......I needed to read that today, thanks;) And happy 7 months!

  12. Congrats! Everything you listed is very true. Sometimes cereal for dinner is okay-very true in our household:)

  13. Congratulations on 7 lovely months! In the year and a half my hubs and I have been married, perhaps the most important thing I've learned is that it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to buy two cartons of ice cream at the grocery store.
    Hope you have many happy years to come! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  14. Congrats - Mike and I celebrate our 6 months of marriage this month... and to think... I was so happy for you when you got engaged and then so sad that I hadn't yet - you told me to be patient and now look where I am. You're such a wise woman! :) I hope you enjoy this 7 month milestone! oxox

  15. Happy seven months - what a sweet post!


  16. happy 7 month anniversary! i'm right behind ya, we hit 7 months next week!

    weird question: your blog only shows up partially in my google reader... is that supposed to happen? Does this happen to any of your other readers? i just find it odd...

  17. Awww this is so adorable! You are a sweet couple. I loved the first year of marriage. So fun! -Melissa

  18. This is exactly how it should be! Happy 7 months and happy for you that you got your "one"

  19. Congratulations! My hubs and I will be celebrating 11 months this Saturday! It's crazy how times has been flying by! Enjoy your "monthiversary"! :)

  20. Congrats! I have lived with my boyfriend for 7 months and everything you said is true. Especially saying sorry, dance offs and crock pots!

  21. Awww happy 7 months! y'all are so adorable! my hubby and I dated for 7 years, when we got married, we didn't know if we wanted kids either, especially hearing them scream at restaurants!!! We definitely enjoyed married life and just "us", for four years, traveled, worked, and did whatever we wanted before having our first baby girl, now, we want more and can't believe we waited so long!!! =)

  22. i swear, girl, you are too cute.

    happy seven months!

    i eat cereal every night for dinner except when i decide to make the occasionally pancake...at least i'll have pancakes mastered when i get married :) happy hump day!

  23. Aw, congrats! It does fly by! My husband and I are coming up on our 5 year anniversary and I don't know where the time went...



  24. Happy 7 months!! I missed my 7th month this month. Wooops!

    I have never used my crock pot, yet! I heard they make delicious food and are so easy

  25. Awww this is such a sweet post! Congrats on 7 months! You two make a lovely couple!


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