Our Easter Weekend...In Pics

Hi, y'all! I hope every one of you had a faboosh Easter weekend. I'd tell you sentence by sentence about what we did, but that's far more labor-intensive to take in than simple pics and captions, right?

Not that y'all are simple-minded, but I'm aware that it's Monday and this particular weekday requires simplicity. At least for this girl, anyway.

Stephen and I took our first ride on the boat for the 2012 season. This excited us to no end because this year, we broke down and forked over the extra dough for a boat slip in the marina. This means I no longer have to help him haul that stinkin' 4,000 lb. thing on and off a ramp, which usually ends with me getting sweaty and moody before we've even left the dock.

Sidenote: If you've never seen 5'4", 110 lb. blonde guiding a massive truck and boat trailer down a ramp, you've never experienced true comedy.

Thankfully, this year, all we do is start 'er up and back 'er out. Easy peasy. 

Boat Slips: Saving marriages one ride at a time.

Stephen was so disappointed to be on the lake for the evening. Can't you tell?

Quite a view, huh? The only thing we were missing was some vino...
Happy and somewhat red-looking (thanks to some weird Instagram filter) girl on the lake!

Easter Sunday, we had some time to piddle around and take pics before church. This rarely happens, us running on time for church, so it needed to be documented. (To be fair, it is usually a fiasco with my hair and it's poofage that renders us being tardy for the Methodist-Church-party.)

 Entire outfit via Francesca's Collections. Except for the shoes, which are permanently sewn on to my feet. Those are from Tar-jay.

Stephen winces every time I suggest we should take pics...he knows that by "a few photos", I mean a full-blown photo shoot. But my husband, being the good and patient (patient only with me) man that he is, always obliges and smiles and looks ever so handsome.

And because I was having a good hair day, (those are few and far between and MUST be recorded on the iPhone accordingly).

And finally, I'll leave you with some real cuteness. One of our little nephews, Luke. He lives in St. Louis with Greg and Kelsey, (Stephen's brother and brother's wife), and his smile is infectious. They sent this over via text before church yesterday. He was wearing his Easter pants and goin' to town on his rocking horse. 

We should all live with this much joy.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Gorgeous! Love your Easter outfit and I think I need those heels. I've been needing a simple pair of nude pumps for a while. I don't know why I don't just get a pair. Your neph is toooooo cute. Love those cheeks!

  2. Loving those pink earrings and how they make your outfit pop!


  3. What a beautiful weekend ya'll had! I am going to nickname ya'll Barbie & Ken because that is who you remind me of! Ya'll are such a gorgeous couple :) much love, Becky

  4. Your posts are truely awesome! I love a girl that tells it like it is!


  5. Love all the pics! So funny what you said about the boat, we actually sold ours last year because I didn't wanna spend the extra money on a slip rental. They are EXPENSIVE! and the 2x's I did go out last year I got seasick and refused to go again. It sucks because my favorite place to be is on the water! Nice to see you had a great weekend though xo

  6. A boat ride...positively dreamy. Looks like so much fun. Love your easter outfit. Sadly I have a pair of great tan pumps that I bought a year ago and I have not even worn them. Shame on me.

  7. Oh I've been the girl in the boat dock comedy show too - Amen for the boat slip! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter!

  8. What a fun weekend! Yes, your hair looks amazing!!! I have the same problem with my husband and his boat...only I actually damaged the trailer for the boat and scratched his bumper trying to back it out of the parking spot to get to the ramp at the end of the day....not such a good thing! Yay for boat slips!!


  9. Man! That guy of yours REALLY loves you! Love your precious Easter outfit! SOOO cute!

  10. Loving the skirt you wore on Easter. Looks like I'll need to make a trip to Francesca's soon. :) Glad you had a Happy Easter.

  11. You and Stephen look fabulous. And how adorable is that little boy?!

  12. oh yah definitely agree you were having a great hair day, definitely a big yes on that! i love the pop of color from your earrings in your outfit so cute

  13. You are too precious! I am ALWAYS late for church... for some reason I can never get my outfit/hair/makeup right and it takes forever.

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Your outfit is gorgeous and I love your hair! xo

  15. looks like y'all had a lovely easter weekend. and i am uber jealous of that boat y'all have. sounds like perfection!

  16. Your pictures made me SO excited for beach/boating season!

    How long ago did you get your nude pumps? I've been looking for the *perfect* nude color and these look like they'll fit the bill!


  17. I am obsessed with your Easter outfit!! Too cute!


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