Love or Loathe? Special Edition: Trend Watch Wednesday

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Except not really. At all.

Sew…today we’re talking about trends that we love and trends that we loathe. Because this is an upbeat blog and we always look for the silver lining first, let’s start with a LOVE.

Love: Statement Bracelets

Moooove over statement necklaces – bracelets are staking their claim this season, too. I mean, the world is big enough for both statement necklaces and statement bracelets. I just wouldn’t recommend wearing them at the same time.

Gorjana Two Tone Wrap Bracelet, Hive & Honey Curvy Stripe Bracelet

 Statement Necklace  + Statement Bracelet = Accessories Overload.

And if you’re petite, you might just fall over from all that extra weight.

Loathe: Floral Denim

I’m sorry, but it is my divine right as a citizen of this great nation to express my feelings on pants featuring a floral print.

Heavens to Brenda, y’all.

I just can’t get on this bandwagon of flowery britches.

It just doesn’t seem like something wearable for most, average women. And I have issues with plastering a bundle of roses on my rear end. It needs no help in pointing itself out.

However, if you’re a fan of flowery pants, please proceed. Far be it of me to rain on your pants parade.

Love: Railroad Denim

Now this, I can get on “board” with…. ha! (Did you see how I did that just there with the play on trains and getting on board?) Simple, vertical stripes on denim can look so chic for summer. 

Free People Railroad Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Free People Railroad Bustier Dress

Pair a railroad denim skirt with a melon-colored tank, gladiator sandals in dark brown and an arm full of statement bracelets and you’ll have one heck of a cute outfit.

Loathe: Midi Skirt

Let me preface this by saying, I loath the midi skirt on MYSELF. I have seen various 5’10”; 82-pound supermodels pull it off beautifully. But honestly, never ever have I seen a person in real life on which a midi was flattering.

I say go mini or maxi or pencil length and skip midi.

Again though, if you like to rock a midi, then please continue to wear it to your heart’s content. Besides, who am I do intervene in your fashion decisions?

(And more than likely, just like with the maxi dress last year, I’m sure to be singing the praises of the midi next year. I’m fickle and my tastes change often.)

What trends do you love and loathe for Spring/Summer ’12?

P.S.- If you are entering the 'Your Summer Style' FB contest, PLEASE remember that you must include the photo waiver in your submission. Otherwise, I'll have to DQ you...and I don't mean take you to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard ; )

...although that does sound mighty tasty...

Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. I completely agree with both floral denim and the midi skirt! And here I thought I was the only one. I love a good mini or maxi skirt but that dang midi skirt is SO unflattering! xo

  2. I'm loving the sorbet color palette this spring, and I am joining your loathe boat on the floral denim. Ick!

  3. I completely agree with the floral denim- I feel like someone took my parents duvet cover from 1995 and made it into pants! I also loathe the midi- just like a tea length dress- not made for just anyone to purchase and wear! I will said that I do really like the railroad denim look!

  4. I definitely agree with your list! Some things that are trendy this season just seem too 80s for me.

  5. I'm agreeing with some comments above in saying that I am loving the pastel color palettes this spring. So flattering for every skin/hair color. What I'm not loving? Denim on denim. Ick. I thought we were past that fashion train wreck. But I have been seeing it everywhere. Even Ryan Gosling committed the denim on denim faux pas - and, if he's not hot enough to pull it off, no one is.

  6. I am 100% with you on loathing the floral denim and midi skirts. Just...awful.

    I am also definitely much more of a statement bracelet girl than a statement necklace girl...I prefer delicate on my decollete.

  7. Agree with your loathes! Floral denim is wrong on so many levels. It looks like that pulled that out of the early 80's vault.

  8. The floral jeans are just so wrong!!! Those surely won't make it back. They need to stay in the 80's.

  9. i do not like the floral denim and you are SO right about the midi skirts, not flattering at all.

  10. We see eye-to-eye on every single one of these. I honestly dont' know who thinks floral denim is ok. I mean Jenna is beautiful and she still can't pull these off!

  11. I am with you on the floral denim. I had a pair of floral denim shorts when I was in 8th grade! They are so early 90's. I'm sorry but, 90's fashion isn't good enough to come back! :)

  12. Deargodinheaven who every thought floral denim was a good option for anything other than grandma's couch?! Those fabrics cannot be flattering on anyone. Midi skirts are def not for me. I tried one on today while I was shopping and all it did was accentuate my weirdly thick ankles. No thank you!

    Do you happen to know where the teal bracelet is from?


  13. Hey Leslie! I shot you an email the other week about my jewelry boutique in Raleigh, NC! We carry that teal horsebit bracelet that you have at the top of your post, it is gorgeous in person and comes in a ton of colors and best part it's only $24!!

    loved everything you said!

    Blue Sky Accessories

  14. Wow. The floral denim brings back some memories that I never wanted to remember! My excuse...everyone was wearing it back in the 80s!

  15. I love it all except the floral denim. Those remind me of being in third grade and wearing awful printed stretch pants with stirrups and tube socks! The midi is a pretty idea, but it doesn't work with me and my shape/height.

  16. Those floral pants totally remind me of Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell! I agree... awful.

  17. I'm pretty fickle myself and often find myself loving the trend I once loathed. To the point that I'm encouraging myself to embrace trends sooner...because I usually like them in the end...and then it's too late for me to join in!


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