Still Hog Wild

It's been quite a week here in Razorback country. Last week, we discovered that our head coach, Bobby Petrino had made a terrible, stupid and life-altering decision, shaming not only his wife and family, but also the entire Arkansas Athletic Department, football team and the many dedicated fans that tune in each week to watch the Hogs during football season.

The news of his being terminated came as both a shock and a relief to many, including my husband and I. I think S said it best last night, "if it hadn't happened now, it would have come out in the wash eventually", so to speak.

Last night, Athletic Director Jeff Long gave an emotional and heartfelt press conference, confirming the termination of Petrino and encouraging Hog fans to hold our heads high during this tough time.

Jeff Long gave an emotional and riveting presser. 

Long was a class act. Many today are even calling him one of the finest, most professional ADs in college football. The manner in which he spoke, the pride with which he stood behind the football program...it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Also notable was the outpouring of support from not only other SEC fans, but football fans around the U.S. I had blog and Twitter friends, long-time dedicated fans of fellow SEC teams like Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina, tweeting their support to the Razorbacks.

What will this next season for our Razorbacks hold? Only God knows. But I'm still proud to be a Razorback. I'm proud of our boys, and especially Jeff Long. Having the guts to make the decision to send him packing, instead of slapping him on the wrist.

Petrino may have won games, but Long is the ultimate winner in all this.

Woo Pig Sooie.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. My first thought after hearing this news was, oh dear poor Leslie and her razorback friends. I am baffled the coach chose to shame his family and his team in such a way.

    I agree, your AD did the right and honorable thing telling him to leave. I'll still be cheering your razorbacks, unless they play my team.


  2. Jeff Long has handled this situation with such class. I have faith in whatever he decides to do for our Razorbacks.

    Oh Lord it's hard to be humble!

  3. What Petrino did is a terrible thing. And it's unfortunate that in the sports world and in Hollywood and politics etc, this sort of thing is often glamorized, glorified, and swept under the rug, as if "boys will be boys", and as if it's normal and to be expected. I am very happy that Jeff Long fired him; by doing that, he's standing up for what is right.

  4. As a DIE HARD south carolina fan, I am praying for petrino, his family, and all razorbacks. What a sad thing. But, yes Long handled it very well, and showed a lot of class on behalf of UA

  5. this post gave me chills....so proud to be a hog! woo pig. jeff long is a class act.

  6. They handled this situation with the utmost class.

  7. i'm a Razorback fan too. i hate that this happened, but it was definitely the right decision! & i'm excited for another great football season!


  8. A coaches bad character doesn't ruin the whole team. Just look at Penn State. The Hogs will get through this and I am sure there will be a wonderful coach to come in, and right anything that Coach P wronged. You know the Razorbacks are one of my top 5 favorite SEC teams. They will come back from this stronger than ever.

    For once I wish that coaches in NFL and College would understand that while NO ONE is a Saint, they can try their best to live good, decent lives and show their team what a good example is.

    What he did to me doesn't reflect on the program, it only reflects on him.

  9. Very well spoken, Leslie! Couldn't agree more and still very much a Razorback fan!

  10. As an Alabama alum I can honestly say that Arkansas is and will still be my second favorite SEC team! You all (yep, I'm a Yankee that went to college in the South)are such classy people, and I've never had a negative encounter with anyone in all the games I've been to. Which is saying a lot since we all know how rude and cruel SEC fans can get.


  11. As a Saints fan, I can feel your pain. It stinks to stand by and watch a coach's poor decision run your team through the mud. I'm pulling for your hogs and hoping that they find some good in the lessons that can be learned from this...

  12. I too know the ache of watching your team suffer... but i nominated you for an award check it out http://illlegallyblonde.blogspot.com/2012/04/award-for-me.html

  13. Definitely thought about you this week!! It's a big bump in the road but that's all it is. SEC is still THE best!!

  14. Great Post.

    I'm getting excited for the new season.


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