Adventures of the High Heel Mafia- Part 2

"High heels are pride and privilege, the passkey to decadence."
- Karen Heller, journalist

Welcome back to the second installment of High Heel Mafia. Today’s topic is…(cue the song from The Twilight Zone)…dating.

Just so this post won’t be 400 pages long, we’re going to break this topic up into a couple of installments, with today’s focusing on first date styling tips.

Are you ready? Good. Let’s go.
Whether you’re newly single or have been on the market for a bit, it’s important to always look your best on a first date. Guys vary in what style they prefer on a girl, but there are a few general items that, no matter what type of dude he is, are guaranteed to please.

We polled several of our male friends for this post and here are the top 3 things they said they would most like to see their date wear:

• High Heels
No shock here. Men love a woman in a sky-high pair of kicks. Plus, if you’re petite like moi, they will give you a little height.

• The Perfect Jeans
The ever-versatile, classic denim jean will never go out of style. So go out and find the perfect pair of jeans that make your rear look uber-amazing. You’ll look good and feel confident.

HHM recommends:
Joes Jeans Starlet Slim Boot Cut jean (flattering on all body types)
J Brand 10" Ankle Skinny jean (good for a lean, slender body or petite body)
Gap Long & Lean jean (especially great for pear shapes and curvaceous bodies)

• A Cute Dress
Do your body a favor and throw those horrid babydoll dresses and flouncy maxi dresses in the garbage can. I know they’re comfy, but honey, they will send a man running for the hills.

You are far too hot a commodity to look like the Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls. Look for a dress, preferably cut above the knee that hugs your curves in all the right places. Black, turquoise and royal blue are universally flattering colors. Make sure to keep the cleavage under control and PLEASE, PLEASE wear underwear.

HHM recommends:

Nipped in the Bud dress- $38- Francesca's Collections

Striped Cadet dress-$35- Lulu's

Miranda Halter dress- $34- Lulu's

The Central Park Knit Dress- $19.97- NY and Co.

Now Donna, why don’t you tell us what make-up and hair looks best for a first date…

Well Miss Leslie, here is what I found out from my “research.”

  • Make-up

Opinions on make-up are a bit varied. Some men love the very natural minimal make-up look and others like a fully made up face. Either way, as long as your make-up enhances that natural beauty you already have darlings and you don’t look like you’re going to a costume party, he will like it.

  • Hair

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Long tresses seem to be what most guys like. But no matter what hair length or hair color you have, as long as you look put together, a man will notice and appreciate the time and effort you put into your style. Then expect his compliments to follow.

I must pass along some advice that my most trusted male confidant has told me. Just be confident, no matter what you’re wearing. Confidence is a BIG part of the whole package girls. If you feel comfortable and confident about what you’re wearing and how you look, it will show and your date (and other cute boys) will definitely notice! ;-)

Now my lovely ladies, go out there and knock ‘em dead. Or “knock his eyes out” as my great aunt used to say!

Thanks for the hair and make-up expertise, Dee!

Alright chicas, we are out. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

Be blessed, lovelies-


Photo credits: the cherry blossom girl , Vogue Italia


  1. LOVE these posts (: Any specific dresses you would recommend for a fun girls night dancing but nothing too fancy?

  2. I love it! Thank you! I finally mastered the confidence thing and then landed my man - LOL butwho says I can't use these FUNDAMENTALS!

    I love your writing style/content/everything.

    P.S. My girlfriends and I at work call ourselves the Stiletto Mafia LOL, Red shoe Wednesdays and all.

  3. Great question Kelly Marie! I went back and added a few recommendations above in the post, so check em' out! I love any/all of the ones I listed : )

  4. Great suggestions! I totally agree with the need for a few great pairs of jeans/a great little dress and heels!!! And I'd also have to agree that (most) men prefer longer hair on women. My hubby almost always has a heart attack when I call him from the salon and tell him I've gone ahead and cut my hair short (and then laugh cuz it gets him EVERY time!)

  5. You ladies are rockin with HHM posts.

    Happy, Happy Easter weekend to you both and yours.


  6. What a lovely and helpful post! I have to admit... still gonna wear those maxi dresses. But I am married... ha ha.


  7. A good pair of heels and designer jeans make me feel fab!

  8. I just love those shoes!!

  9. I totally agree that confidence does the trick and I think a cute outfit and stylish hair certainly helps! ;) Love the dress links you posted.

  10. I wish I was a little more tiny so I could wear heels more often. I love heels but when your almost as tall as your husband in them... eh? haha

  11. Love heels! Wish we weren't so dang tall! Love your posts!
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