Two things that should make you a very happy camper today:

1) It's Thursday

2) Project Runway finale is tonight!

I am a Seth Aaron supporter all the way. That Vancouver boy better take the grand prize or I'm totally boycotting this show. Well, those are harsh words and we all know I could never stop watching PR completely, but I will be ten kinds of mad if Mila wins. Emilio? Eh. I'm half-way.

Game plan for tonight? It's girls' night at my casa for the PR finale, then we're all heading to Fayetteville to celebrate Seth Aaron's big win. Or mourn his heart-breaking loss. However the cookie crumbles.

We'll dissect every detail of tonight's show on tomorrow's High Heel Mafia post, so be sure to stop by for some Project Runway chat stew, k?

Ruche. Been there? Know about it? Oh girls, it's grand....

Funny story how I found it actually. So yesterday I decided to Google my name (do you guys ever do that just for kicks or am I the only weirdo?) and the search results returned, upon many other interesting results, this. Apparently there is a shirt named after moi! Exciting? I think so.

I proceeded to look at some of their other items and, before I knew it, I had added this and these to my bag and found a little gem of an online retailer. I will be a repeat customer, for sure.

Ruche has everything from dresses to tops to accessories, even an entire section dedicated to eco-friendly apparel. Nifty, huh?

Well, that's all I've got. Now go out and do something eco-friendly and constructive with your day.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Ruche


  1. Oh I can't wait for PR tonight!! I will be so mad if Mila wins, she is awful! I also am so in love with those hats!!

  2. Ugh so not a fan of Mila! She irks me. Love both Seth Aaron and Emilio - and I was sad to see Jay go!

  3. Leslie~ I swore off a little shopping for awhile..but I think I just changed my mind!!!

  4. Loving that last look! And the turquoise headband, and the floral applique top, and ...

  5. i love love love ruche!!! and their customer service is INCREDIBLE! i shop there just for that alone...when someone is friendly i want to give them all of my support!

  6. Love the first picture, it's so rustic and simple chic!

  7. Love that store - and so affordable too! That dress you bought is fabulous!

  8. Oh Leslie I love Ruche! Bought many things from their shop and couldn't agree with you more! I have a few outfits and love it.

  9. We just did a giveaway with Ruche. LOVE them. So many pretty goodies!

  10. Ooo, I would love that headband with the turquoise flower. Beautiful!! Tomorrow is my spring banquet and my friends and I are all wearing flowers in our hair.

  11. oh my...I did NOT know about Ruche. It's like a close cousin to Anthropologie. My husband is going to be hacked that I found them, but I'm thrilled!


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