Strong Wil(fred)

Raise your morning coffee and join me in a toast to Thursday morning…we have arrived ladies and guys, we have arrived.

Ya’ll know how I feel about Thursdays. It’s a strange and unexplainable love for this day of the week that has continued throughout the better part of my life. Anticipation of the weekend, good shows on TV, who knows why I love this day so darn much…anyway, I digress.
Ok, you may or may not be familiar with the beauty that is Wilfred. If you are, then I’m sure you won’t mind taking a second, third or fifteenth look. If you aren’t, well, please allow me to show you…

Wilfred is this amazingly gorgeous clothier, which you can find online here.

The clothes are beautiful and the art direction of their website alone is shear genius.

So whether you’re into fashion or just photography, you’ll probably dig them.Their current spring/summer collection is…well…just have a look for yourself.

Sheath dresses, loads of pleating and high-waisted/cropped pants and rompers reign supreme this summer, especially in all shades of khaki, navy and tan. Take note of everything on Wilfred’s website, it’s pretty much perfection.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Wilfred


  1. Happy Thursday, Leslie! Great images!

  2. Thursday has always been my fave day too!!!

  3. It looks amazing, I will go and check it out!

  4. Love Thursdays too! In college, Thursdays were my Fridays, so I think that's why I love them so much. Oh an like you said, the tv is amazing!

    Love these photos- going to check out their site now! xoxo

  5. i also like thursdays. i feel the same as brunch at saks. thursdays was my fridays at college. they still are when i am in school. its like almost a preweekend day. you can still go out and have fun like on a weekend but the weekend isnt here yet but its close. and yes its a good day for good tv shows too.

  6. perfect combination! two of my favorites, photography and fashions to go with it. thanks for the share leslie. i think i'm hooked.


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