Best Coffee Table Books {and a winner!}

It's Thursday, my very favorite day of the week! Work projects are nearing completion, the anticipation of the weekend is growing and a brand spanking new episode of Project Runway will air tonight...

Do any of you girls or boys watch Shear Genius on Bravo? Maybe it's because my mom was a hairdresser for years and transferred her love of hairstyling to me, but I LOVE this show.

My favorite contestant Jon, (pronounced like Yawn), was sent home last night, which totally bummed me out. However, I hear Mr. Jon does hair in Nashville, so now I'm seriously considering taking a road trip and having him give me a new do'. Wouldn't that be soooo neat?

So ok...it's no secret that being a former English major and amateur interior decorator, I have a thing for coffee table books. They look cool, they are pretty inexpensive and they make you appear far more cultured than you may actually be.

Here are some of the best coffee table reads I've found, which you may enjoy too:

1. Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture

In this gorgeous book, you will find essays and pics of recent collaborations between Louis V. and creative geniuses like Zaha Hadid, David LaChapelle and Takashi Murakami under the direction of the brilliant Marc Jacobs.

Any fashion junky or LV lovers will adore this book. Oh, and the cover looks like a purse.

2. Hue by Kelly Wearstler

Interior decorator Kelly Wearstler has put together her own lovely book, which features photos of her own home, along with other stunning homes and hotels that she's decorated. She also offers up bite-sized bits of DIY decorating tips and lets readers in on the inspiration behind some of her more famous design undertakings.

Anyone who fancies themselves a decorator is sure to love this tome.

3. Chanel: Collections and Creations by Daniele Bott

Ah, Chanel...the mothership of fashion design. From it's beautifully illustrated cover, to its highly entertaining content inside, this book practically begs to be displayed for all to see. Inside, you'll find tasty never-before-seen photos from the fashion house's private archives, plus cool illustrations from longtime Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Fans of the 2009 Audrey Tatou film Coco Before Chanel and anyone in love with the classic modern style that Chanel evokes will welcome this book into their homes with open arms.

4. Majestic Metropolitan Living by Sue Hostetler

MML showcases jaw-dropping urban homes in Manhattan and other cities throughout the world. Any diehard city-dwellers who long for space or beauty will adore this book. It provides inpiration to those who will never abandon metropolitan living, and inspiration to homeowners who are planning to renovate in uber-luxe style.

5. Jim Olson Houses

This one is for my male readers...you guys didn't think I'd leave you out, did you? : )

Olson, a Seattle-based architect, is known for creating graciously porportioned modern houses around the globe. This is the kind of book you'll find a friend deeply immersed in and, quite possibly, drooling over. Sleek and slim, the sophisticated yet masculine cover pairs well with a stack of other books on just about any coffee table.

Who will dig it? Architecture buffs and people who wish they were.

Do you have a favorite coffee table book? What do you think of decorating with them?

Ok, before I go, I have a leeeettle announcement to make...

We have a giveaway winner and her name is Tasha! Girl, email me your addy and I'll get your info to Devon!

Be blessed, lovelies-

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  1. I have a couple of coffee table books that are stapes in my decor. Tulsa Art Deco, and Tribute to Sparky are at the tippy top of my list. I am from Tulsa and people just never take the time to look at the beauty we have here. Tribute to Sparky is a collection of cartoonists honoring Charles M Schultz author and creator of the Peanuts and Snoopy, it is a very touching look at a man who brought so much joy to others.

  2. My Domino book holds a coveted spot on my coffee table!

  3. the mary kate and ashley coffee table book is soo great! i love it!!

  4. oooh Nashville hair salon - book now girl he'll be filled up before you know it!!!

    All of these books are lovely!!! We never stack anything on our coffee table aside from remotes. I've tried to do the whole tray, with basket and cute books thing but we eat there every night - so sad right? But it all just becomes stuff to toss aside. ONE DAY I will own a large, square coffee table and eat at the dining table like a big girl - but that's not happening right now ;)

  5. I've flipped through the Hue book and it is just lovely, great designer! I will have to look into the other books one day, they all look amazing. Congrats to your winner! :)

  6. I love the diversity of coffee table books, there's something for anything. My fav is a Beatles Anthology that I've had forever!

  7. Oooh the Jim Olson one is now on my list :D My fave is my Monet coffee table book.

  8. what fun FUN coffee table books!!!

  9. First I want to say how happy I am to be the winner!! I can't wait to receive it in the mail!! Thank you so much!!

    Also all these books look amazing! I think I will have to go and buy one, or two, or more! :)

  10. My favorite coffee table book is the Domino Book of Decorating! You should visit Charleston. It's fabulous. Too bad I have to move soon.

  11. what fun books.....I am a lover of coffee table books and have many.....After a hard week, spending a relaxing hour of blog hopping.

    So glad I stopped by your blog. Happy Easter

  12. Thoes seems like an amazing books, thanks for sharing.

  13. One day I think I would like to publish a coffee table book - either using photos of architecture from an exotic location or of botanical prints (maybe both?) and I would like the text to either be from the psalms or the parables.

    One day!!

  14. Aww, poor Jon, but that would be so cool if you get to meet him and he does your hair, how exciting. You gotta let us know when you do. Awesome coffee table book picks.


  15. Ooooh, those all look fun! I may have to check those out at the bookstore! The books currently on my coffee table are Art through the Ages, and Swedish Interiors.

  16. what a lovely blog:)



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