Project Runway Round-Up (HHM Style)

(all photos courtesy of Lifetime TV)

Hmm, what to talk about?....Let's see....oh.


Angels in heaven burst into song last night when Heidi called his name as the Season 7 winner, I'm quite sure of it. Our little Project Runway watch party also burst into song, or rather squeals and screams, which I'm sure the guys that live below me totally appreciated, ha.

Do you think we were too loud, Dee?

Too loud? No, I don't think we were too loud. Too nerdy? Maybe.

Anyway, our boy Seth Aaron blew Emilio and icky Mila right off the Bryant Park runway...

That's right he did!

Seriously! His collection might have been my favorite of PR finale history. Gushing, I am.

So in case you guys missed it, here are a few of Seth Aaron's brilliant looks from last night's show:

Donna's got love for SA, don't ya Dee?

Um, Seth Aaron was my favorite on the first episode (and yes, I developed a bit of a crush) so I'll admit, I was holding my breath until the end. I thought his whole collection was awesome, but my absolute favorite was the black and white dress.

Agreed. That dress killed.

To be fair though, Emilio did turn out a couple of really impressive pieces, like this one:

...and this one:

And Mila, well, there really is no need to post pics or recap her hot mess of a collection. Just imagine a really badly color-blocked flour sack, paired with the cheapest looking trench coat you could find and, well, there you have it.

Oh and one word. Mohair. Seriously?

No kidding. Nothing says modern comfort like an entire outfit made completely of mohair. Makes me need a Benedryl just thinking about it...

So anyway, Seth Aaron was amazing, Emilio was lukewarm and Mila was just bad. And there you have HHM's very eloquently written summary of the Project Runway finale.

Now, since we are total PR nerds, of course we had to tune in to the Reunion Show that aired after the finale. This whole segment was a hoot because Mr. Anthony himself was there to provide some very quote-worthy commentary. Everything that comes from the "Mouth of the South" is golden.

Oh Anthony! I will miss you most of all! Leslie and I talked about how much fun it would be to hang out with him for a night. I think he should write a book of all his funny quotes and bits of wisdom. From dubbing Mila as “sketchy” to calling out Emilio for taking a “mid-price jab” instead of a cheap jab, Anthony kept me laughing and wondering what he would say next.

He was a breath of fresh air this season, always managing to slice through all the pretentious poo-poo of the workroom.

Well, there you have it. What more shall we say? Can we say? Need we say?

Seth Aaron dominated and all is right in the world this morning.

Hey Leslie, since our boy won, this calls for a celebration at some point. Did I hear the words lemon drop martini?

You did. And yes, let the celebrating commence.

Until next week,

Be blessed, lovelies-


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  1. I was so, so happy when he won last night! I swear, Heidi Klum was the only person who pushed for Mila all season.

  2. AWESOME post Leslie! I am very happy Seth won, he did have the best collection from the bottom 3 and I'll miss Anthony's and his cute demeanor.

    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. I wonder...where do you find your pics from P.R.? I wanted to do a post myself last night after the finale but never found the photos like yours.


  3. Oh Jessica, I could not agree more! For the life of me, I cannot understand why Mila was so appealing to Heidi...SO glad for SA's victory, too!

  4. Hey Liz, THANK YOU for your sweet comment! I always look forward to hearing from you, girl! All photos came courtesy of Lifetime TV, but let me know if you need some help and I'll be glad to link you up!

  5. Hi there sweetie, I'm new here and a UK blogger who adores PR,we have not had this series yet! adore these clothes!Wondered if you might want to enter my Sex In The City Tour giveaway for 2 over on My Passport to Style?Happy Friday! Sharon xx

  6. Ahh, I loved that Seth Aaron won too!! I really liked Emelio's collection too, loved the color scheme and the whole feeling of it (THAT TOURQUOISE COAT!!) but Seth Aaron's was just fabulous. Mila's?? Ugg!

    Fun recap! Looove PR so much :-) Happy Friday!!

  7. That guy was on Regis this morning!

    Have a fabu weekend!

  8. I was so happy with the results too! Anthony was so funny on the reunion! I loved when he said how often he was recognized! haha!

  9. Awesome post!! Just love it and so happy for SA!!

  10. I WAS SOOOOO happy he won!!! My roomie and I share the dvr and she kinda talks a lot over shows so I actually waited til she wasnt home to watch the show just so I could completely focus! ha! I leapt from my chair when he won!

  11. His collection was fabulous! He totally deserved to win. I'm so bummed that I missed the reunion show. How can you not love Anthony? That man is hilarious.


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