High/Low Style: Coral Crush

(other than the coral-colored lanterns, this photo is completely unrelated to the rest of the post...please just go with it : )

Welcome back from the weekend, kids! Did everyone enjoy a couple of days of rest and relaxation? I know you've been waiting with baited breath to see what I did this weekend, so I'll provide a brief recap:

Friday night was SUCH a fun, fun night, ya'll! We ventured on over to Fayetteville and revisited some of our favorite little haunts, complete with 4 inch stillettos and poofy hair. Now a couple weeks ago, Dickson Street was D.O.A. I mean, the weather has been totally uncooperative this year, so folks haven't been going out much (snow in March, anyone?)

But Friday, it was like someone gave Dickson Street a sizable shot of espresso...so many people out and about and it was all alive and stuff again. Yay for summer almost being here!

Ok, now for the post-toast-toast....

I stumbled across this beautifully styled dressing room from Style At Home and just had to read more about it. Coral is, after all, such a hot color for spring/summer. Well, apparently there are two versions of this room...the way expensive version that only we multi-billion dollar earning bloggers can afford, (ahem, yeah totally me)...and the other, equally fabulous and less expensive version for "normal" people.

This is the expensive one.

This is the less-expensive one.

Which one looks better? You decide.

Photo credits: Style At Home


  1. I like the less expensive one!!

  2. Ahh I love those dressing rooms!! I very slightly prefer the more expensive room, because I am not the biggest fan of yellow (clothing, home decor, etc). But honestly they both are gorgeous and you would never know they have very different price points!


  3. I think the less expensive one looks just as cute!!!

  4. OK is it weird that I TOTALLY love the room for less way more??? haha--great comparison

  5. Oh I love both pictures, of course the less version looks closer to me! I saw them on Style at home and couldn't believe the cuteness I'm seeing! These colors are so great!

  6. The less expensive one...I think the yellow chair makes it fabulous!

  7. they both look so similar, they did a good job in copying the expensive one, but i think i like the least expensive one, cause i like the chair color and print more, much more brighter with the yellow.

    thanks for sharing hun.


  8. Love them both! Although leaning more towards the yellow chair.


  9. I actually like the less expensive one b/c the chair pops more! :) And I ADORE coral. Fav summer color for sure.

  10. I love both....have always loved floral....I have not had enough blog time lately...So glad that I stopped by tonight..Be sure and stop by main blog
    and witness a miracle.

  11. You know I actually like the "less expensice" room better! I adore the color coral. I wish I some coral dresses... they're hard to find unfortunately!

  12. They're both such fabulous rooms, but I like the scale ratio of everything in the more expensive room more. (Go figure!)

  13. i love coral. it is a great color. i actually like the less expensive room. it looks much better.

  14. Hmmm I could honestly go with either one. I'm glad to know great style doesn't have to be expensive.


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