That's Alive With An "A"

Lord, almighty.... Did ya'll think I'd abandoned ship? Haha!

Have no fear, this blogger is still alive and well thankyoukindly. I won't even play though, things have been INSANITY this past week. Whew.

Glad that's O.V.E.R.

Now, I know it's the weekend and you guys are probably anticipating this post about as much as Kate Gosselin's next appearance on Dancing With the Stars....but....here's a little something to tide you over til the day of Mon'.

...it's called Lonny Magazine...

Look at the bright pretty colors....breathe in its home decor-y goodness....visualize yourself sitting pretty on that gorge-ola zebra print ottoman.

I'll be back in the flesh in a fortnight, (well, not that I'm not in the flesh now, but, well, you get the idea.)

Be blessed, lovelies.

Photo credits: Lonny Magazine


  1. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. This looks like a great magazine! Hope you get to catch your breath over the weekend sweetie!

  3. looking forward to checking out this magazine!! love all of the blues!

  4. Love all of the blues in that room! So bright and alive!

  5. Bright colors are always a good thing!! Welcome back!

  6. These are o' so pretty. I especially love the last image with the pretty blue walls, mirrored door, tall lingerie dresser, flowers, wall mirrow, i love it all.

    It is Monday now, hope you had a lovely weekend.


  7. Oooh yay new link! Happy Monday, love! :) Hope your week is starting off well!

  8. ooh I want that blue zebra print fabric! so cute!


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