Adventures of the High Heel Mafia: Part 3

Hello pretties! Well, Dee and I are as happy as clams that it's Friday (yeah, I just said "happy as clams") and we're sure you are, too.

We are so excited to be back for the third installment of our High Heel Mafia series, which has been such a cool little addition to A Blonde Ambition, (not to mention, a great excuse for Dee and I to get together and drink martinis to discuss “business” for the blog, haha.)

This week’s topic…

Top 10 Things That Always “Work” For Us

Kind of random, but we thought you might have fun playing along. In no specific order, here are 10 things that always lift us up and never let us down:

1. Leslie- Phoenix

Not the town, although I’m sure it’s lovely. I’m talking about the band. I would marry Thomas Mars tomorrow if he would promise to sing to me every morning : ) Although I cannot commit to one all-time favorite band, (I’m very non-committal like that, teehee), they would be “up there”.

2. Donna- Warm, Sunny Days

We’ve been having these again around these parts. I missed them so much during all the cold and snow we had during the winter. I love those sunny days when there isn’t a cloud in the bright blue sky. I always have to roll down the car windows, put on my sunglasses and turn up the music. It’s even better if I’m on a road trip!

3. Leslie-A trip to the salon

Highlights and a good blow-out fix anything, girls. Anything.

4. Donna- iTunes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a music nerd. I could easily go into serious debt buying music. I can go to iTunes to find one song and hours later, I’ve found new bands I like, old songs that I “MUST have” and songs that I had forgotten about.

5. Leslie- Office Space

It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, how many times I hear people try to quote the lines, I still love that stinkin’ movie.

6. Donna- Pedicures

I love getting pedicures. To me, it’s as relaxing as a massage. When your toes are all pretty and freshly painted, you want to show them off. And that can lead to shoe shopping, which is always a good idea, right?

7. Leslie-Male Musicians

I know, I know… me and every other female in the world. Show me a cute guy…that’s great. Show me a cute guy with a guitar in his hand…his stock just goes through the roof.

8. Donna- The Hangover

Not the “I had too much fun last night” hangover. The Hangover- the movie. I saw this in the theater last summer with a couple friends. Now I own the DVD. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it now, but I still laugh. Plus, Mr. Bradley Cooper is pretty easy on the eyes, which doesn’t hurt either.

9. Leslie-Sephora

Some people go to libraries or record stores to “veg” out. Me? I go to “The Mothership”. My friends joke that I have single-handedly kept this store afloat in this economy, (though I think they are doing just fine without my financial contributions.)

10. Donna- Girls’ Night

It’s always a blast hanging out with those friends that know your crazy stories and were right there with you when they happened. It doesn’t matter if you go out on the town in your high heels and dance all night or stay in and watch Project Runway. As long as you laugh until you cry at least once, it makes you feel great both mentally and physically. Plus, all that laughing makes your abs sore which has to be as effective as a workout, don’t you think? ha.

Yes, we said 10 things, but we just couldn’t leave out one of our faves that could really be enjoyed with any of the other 10.

11. *Bonus- Lemon Drop Martinis

Specifically those from Theo’s in Fayetteville, AR…Best served cold, in a sugar-rimmed glass over gossip on a Saturday night.

Ok, your turn. What always “works” for you? Ready, set, go!

Be blessed, lovelies-



  1. driving with the sunroof open and windows down on a beautiful day =) AHHHHHH

  2. Retail therapy, always. More specifically, shoes! That and fresh flowers always put me in a good mood!

  3. Oh a mani and pedi is always good! I am loving the High Heel Mafia! Please keep it up!!

  4. Girls night... I SOOOOO need one of those!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend :)

  5. Hair appts. FOR SURE. Almost always an immediate fix! Or playing with my dog. :)

  6. Being outside in the sunshine - and going on walks with my husband!

  7. Sunshine :) and GIRLS NIGHT!


  8. sweet post girlies.

    have an AWESOME weekend.

  9. Barnes and Noble. Browsing, drinking coffee, reading. Hmmm I'll head there right now :-)

  10. A nice little list that I agree with! Highlights and a pedi can do WONDERS!

  11. I'm all about little advenutures, and travel - nothing beats rounding a corner and seeing an incredible vista opening up before your eyes. Especially if it's a nice clear day :)

  12. Ohh all of the things you named definitely work for me as well as a night catching up on my favorite shows, buying some new clothing, and frozen yogurt. Yum! Sephora is a must! :)

  13. LOVE this. little miss dirty martini and i have our list, as well. i may have to steal this idea and post ours. male musicians are at the TOP of our list!!

  14. I love this post! Pedicures and sunny days are some of my favorite things too!


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