Trend Watch Wednesday: Zac Posen + Target

Hello and happy Wednesday! So, so glad you decided to stop by for this edition of TWW.

Before we start discussing the goodness that is Zac Posen for Target, let's talk some randomness:

1. I could just puke thinking about what I did last night... I, Leslie, THREW AWAY a brand new pair of sunglasses on accident. Let us all have a moment of silence for the faux tortoise shell Miu Miu-inspired shades that should have been sitting pretty on my nose today. It's a long story, but pretty much, I went on a cleaning binge and just started throwing away stuff in my apartment. Little did I know, one of the "empty" bags that I tossed actually contained my never-before-worn sunglasses! Cry a tear for me, ok loves?

2. I saw the full-length trailer for Sex and the City II for the first time last weekend and just about peed my pants! Who else out there is SOOOOOO ready for their Carrie/Charlotte/Miranda/Samantha fix?

3. If you are a magazine enthusiast or collector, I would HIGHLY suggest picking up a copy of the April issue of Vanity Fair with vintage Grace Kelly on the cover. There is an insightful piece on shoe designer Christian Louboutin inside, as well as some photos from backstage at the Academy Awards last month. Take my word for it, you won't want to miss this issue.

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get to Posen. Zac Posen, that is.

The designer once only available to Hollywood starlets and socialites will soon be taking up residence in a Target near you! Following in the footsteps of other couture designers like Rodarte, Anna Sui and Jean Paul Gaultier, Posen is bringing his designs down from the runway and into the isles of the suburban superstore.

The Zac Posen for Target Collection is due to hit shelves around the United States on Sunday, April 25 and run through May 30, with prices ranging from $16.99 for basic tee's to $199.99 for fitted leather jackets.

Raincoat in Yellow- $49.99, Ruched Skirt in Black- $34.99

Brocade Tie Dress in Floral Print- $74.99

Halter Dress in Black/Gold- $49.99, Braided Belt in Black- $24.99

Snap Tape Dress in Blue- $69.99

Tank Dress in Tie-Dye Print- $29.99, Two-Piece Ruffled Dress in Navy/Black- $79.99

Sailor Dress in Tiger Print- $39.99, Braided Belt in Black- $24.99

Pleated Tie Top in Pink/Tie-Dye Print- $34.99, Ruched Skirt in Black- $34.99, Braided Belt in Black- $24.99

Low-V One-Piece Swimsuit in Red- $34.99, Scarf in Safety-Pin Print- $24.99

Cardigan in Black- $49.99, Zac Lipstick Tank in White- $16.99, Tuxedo Pants in Black- $39.99

Make your wish list posthaste, because if you plan to shop online, this stuff will go fast.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: New York Magazine


  1. I am so sad for you about your sunglasses! I hate when I do stuff like that!! I love all of the designers doing Target lines...the sailor dress is adorable :)

  2. Oh no :( Sorry about your sunglasses! I'm SO SO SO excited for SATC II & Zac Posen's Target line (:

  3. I feel your pain!!!!!!!!
    I have done that sort of thing and it makes me sick to my stomach :O(

    I soooo cant wait for SATC2!! I remember how excited I was when the first one came out - every time I think about part 2 I get all giddy!

  4. Oh girl- I'm SO sorry about your sunnies! One time I had a brand new pair of Chanels and I put them on my dashboard for a second, only to take a sharp turn and they flew right out the window. I was devastated! Hope you can get a new pair!

    I love this line too! The raincoat is super cute. Have a great day XOXO

  5. I love me some Target!
    Oh and I feel your pain on the sunglasses. We just recently moved and now I am unable to find my brand new (never worn) black summer straw big round beach hat that I just had to have. I think it may have fell out of a box or or something :( blah

  6. First of all, I am already planning our girl's night out for the SATC2 premiere--so yes, I am ecstatic!!!!

    And Zac Posen at Target--YAY!!!!!

  7. Woo-hooo I cannot WAIT for Sex and the City!!

  8. Such Tragedy! I hate when I lose something and then nothing ever lives up to whatever it was I lost...but just think of the zac posen goodies!

  9. OMGosh girlie...I am so sorry about your sunglasses, that is a total bummer. I've been feeling bummed myself cause I mysteriously lost 20 bucks just last week. But let's make it up with Posen from Tar-Jay, lol. I am loving each of these dresses and even the pant ensemble, let's see what piece I can grab before they are out. Thanks for the let know and I am so ready and excited about SATC 2.

    Have an AWESOME day Leslie

  10. I'm SO ready for SATC II - I can't wait. I have no idea who I will go see the movie with (doubt the boyfriend will want to go) but I am going!!!

    I'm so sorry about your sunglasses. I have the hardest time finding ones I like - I'd cry huge tears if I threw them away. :(

    All these looks are so cute - I'm so happy so many designers have started hooking up us "little" people by way of Target!

  11. Sunnies in the trash!? I'd be completely devastated! (I have huge issues around losing things and CANNOT stand not knowing where my 'stuff' is.) I'd probably cry and throw a fit. You poor girl!

  12. That really sucks about your glasses :( But Love the bow dress! Why does it have to be $80! uggh way out of my budget for a target dress. I love the lipstick tee too. xoxo

  13. Boo-hoo for me since they don't have Target in Canada, these pieces look so cute!
    You are right about the issue of Vanity Fair, it is a good one.
    I feel for you about the glasses, the cleaning binge gone wrong has happened to me a few times!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  14. So sorry to hear about the sunglasses mishap, but that sounds just like something I would do. It really makes one sick to their stomach! I need to grab the issue of VF you are referring to. And, to say I am excited for SATC sequel is an understatement. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

  15. I could just about cry for you for throwing away your glasses! That would ruin my day, probably week, maybe month! Cant wait for SATC2!!!!

  16. May can't get here soon enough. I'm already planning my outfit for the showing. Oh yeah. I'm dressing up for SATC II!

  17. So sorry about the glasses... Can't wait to see Mr. Posen's work in real life... A coat at Target for 199.00 seems kinda pricey..... Maybe it's just me.


  18. That sucks about your sunglasses! Love the yellow raincoat!

  19. I love all these fun new things for Target! That yellow raincoat is adorable! Sorry about your sunglasses. :(

  20. i love target! i can never walk out of their empty handed! i can't wait to see the zac posen collection!!

  21. SO cute and affordable too! Right up my alley ;)

    Love Target!

  22. Love this brand and cute stuff! Oh no, so sorry about your glasses! Hope you can find an even cuter pair to replace this pair, even though it must have been frustrating.


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