Casa de Candace

Greetings and happy Friday, friends!

You’ll be glad to know that I feel much better this morning and am on the road to recovery following the Great Yoga Disaster of 2010 Wednesday evening. Although I’m still having trouble with simple tasks like bending over to buckle my gladiators, (I’m sure that was a sight this morning, haha), I’m in much less pain than yesterday thanks to Aleve and a hot bath.

See girls, this is a prime example of why we should just skip exercise altogether. It’s positively deadly.

Anyways, since I already posted on HHM’s Sex and the City II extravaganza on Tuesday, we’ll be talking about something non-stiletto related today.

I recently saw this feature on Elle Décor online about Candace Bushnell’s amazing Greenwich Village apartment. (In case you are wondering, Bushnell is the author of Sex and the City and the brand new prequel, The Carrie Diaries.)

Built in the 1920s, Bushnell’s pad was in need of some major TLC upon her arrival. She and her husband, Charles, along with Bushnell’s friend and designer Susan Forristal and a team of skilled contractors, gave the space a much-needed facelift.

The results speak for themselves.

A Venetian chaise lounge is a living room stunner, perfectly complimented with a pillow from Geminola. The golden sheaf sconces from Downtown flank the living room mantel, original to the apartment.

The den showcases these gorgeous campaign chairs with white cowhide seats, which rest atop a funky rug by Madeline Weinrib.

Just where would a famous author mix up her cosmos and martinis? In her custom kitchen, of course! The blackened soapstone countertops and stunning cabinetry were designed by Rodos Interior Renovations.

A reproduced poster of Bushnell herself lines the walls of the half-bath.

The bed and rug, both by Madeline Weinrub, add a woodsy, Zen-like flair to this master bedroom.

I always find it intriguing to see where creative geniuses call “home”, don’t you?

Enjoy your weekend, Blonde Ambitioners. Be safe, be happy and most of all…

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle Décor


  1. I am loving these pics, I seriously wish my place could look like this!

  2. Beautiful! glad you feel better, Leslie! xoxo

  3. stunningg!! and glad youre feeling better ha i cannot even imagine yoga that intense! hhaa yikess

  4. I am in the process of trying to furnish and decorate my home and I wish I could make it look like those pics. You can't find those pieces just anywhere and I am sure they cost an arm and a leg anyhow.

  5. I can't imagine her place looking any better! I love the pic of her in the bathroom, even though it's kind of narcissistic (sp?)it's cool she just went for it.

  6. I agree...exercise should just be avoided all together! LOL! It's dangerous! I love all those pics, I so wish my house looked anywhere NEAR those pictures....but it's nice to dream!

  7. Gorgeous! Love all of the bright colors!


  8. I want that couch in the first picture!!!

  9. Wow! I, too, love to see people's homes! :) Great post. Hope you're having a fabulous Friday.

  10. Can we just switch houses for just a day! Awesome place!

  11. A home as fabulous as her books!

  12. Am I the only person that thinks it's kinda tacky to wallpaper any room in your house with pictures of your own face, unless you're Andy Warhol and calling it art? The last thing I wanna see when I'm doing my business are multiples of someone's face staring at me... talk about pee fright! But otherwise it's GORGEOUS!!!

  13. I'm sorry that Yoga did a number on you, I know the feeling, I had a Yoga class on Tuesday night and was late to work on Wednesday! Oops! I love Candice's new look...her interior is simply beautiful! I need to read The Carrie Diaries, I have it but want to read Sex and the City first.

  14. Wow, what a beautiful home. I might just have to repost this on my blog :)

    so are you ever going to try yoga again? it kicked my butt the first time, but it got much easier after that.


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