Trend Watch Wednesday: Crochet

{Dolce and Gabanna white crochet handbag}

If today is Wednesday, does that mean tomorrow is really and truly Thursday? Already?

I propose that we eliminate Mondays from here going forward. Who's with me? I mean, a girl could really get used to this whole 4 day work week thing.

I felt so rejuvenated from my long weekend that I decided to completely reorganize my closet and jewelry chest last night. For starters, Dee and I did a couple hours of shopping after work, so I needed to make space for my new stuff. Also, I think I must have been inspired by Carrie's closet in SATC, (both the tidiness and the contents, haha), and really wanted to be able to display all my cute summer clothes and shoes like she did.

So I cranked up some new music on the iPod, (Karen Elson's new album The Ghost Who Walks), poured myself a glass of vino and grabbed my sketch pad to map out my "new" closet. Yeah, I'm a dork and drew it out on paper first, but trust me, it works much better this way. I'll be posting before and after pics as soon as I have an "after" pic to show you. So stay tuned. It's a work in progress.

Alrighty, so how do we feel about crochet?
{Crochet slingback by Charles David}

Not actually doing it like with needles and yarn and stuff. Just wearing it.

{Silk and cotton dress by Chanel}

I think it's kind of fun and different. But as with any other trend, there are rules. Rules that will keep you from looking ridiculous and also from showing your thong undies to the world. Let me expound:

{Crochet overlay vest by Mark Fast for Spring 2010}

1) It's what's underneath that counts. What you wear under your crocheted garment is as important as the garment itself. Meaning, get yourself some plain tanks or slip dresses in a complimenting color to function as the base of the outfit. Showing off your bra or undies (or worse) is NOT sexy or trendy, so please keep all of your "bits" covered : )

My fave layering essentials are:

-Vault of Heaven Spaghetti Strap Cami from Francesca's Collections

-Dreamy Bandeau in Grey from Francesca's Collections

-BDG U-Back Tank in White or Black from Urban Outfitters

2) Wear contrasting accessories. Loopy, soft woven styles like crochet look best when paired with hard, metallic jewelry. Think chunky gold bangles or a gunmetal cocktail ring. And, if you want to take it one step further, try an edgier hair or make-up look, (like blue nailpolish or a messy bun.)
I love any of these accessories paired with crochet:

-Spike Ring in Brass by Giles & Brother

-Revolution Bracelet in Brass by Archive Jewelry

3) Carry a structured bag. This rule kind of echoes #2, since a bag is always in close proximity to your body, (i.e. over your shoulder.) Try a satchel or structured tote in a bright color, as they're fun for summer and will pair nicely with the softness of the crochet.

Either one of these bags would look beautiful with a crochet garment:

Have any of you guys tried the crochet trend yet this season? If so, where did you find your pieces?

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle, Mark Fast


  1. A woman came to one of my bridal showers wearing a crocheted top. And a bra. Yup.

    Cant wait to see your closet pics!

  2. Great tips sweetie! I LOVE the D+G bag. Perfect for summer! And the shoes are super cute. -jami
    PS- I'm hosting a fun summer giveaway over at my blog 'imagine' today! Come check it out! http://jamigoldsmith-imagine.blogspot.com/2010/06/wednesday-weekend-warm-up-giveaway.html

  3. I'm certainly loving crochet in those Charles David beauties!

  4. How did the sketching go? Did you / will you take before/after pics of your closet? Call me a dork, but I love a good closet reorganization!

  5. Hmmm....not sure how I feel about crochet on anything but a blanket on the back of a sofa. And I'm not even a big fan of it then.

  6. I like the purse and shoes. I think there is potential there. I also think the dress could work. If it's done with the right yarn, it won't look like your great grandma's blanket and can look great!

  7. O.M.G. We are blogging twins! I posted on crochet this very same day. Oh, and I also think we should do away with Mondays :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xxSAS



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