Positively Glowing

Happy Friday, dearhearts! Are you guys as excited as I am for the weekend? Silly question. Of course you are. So what's on the agenda for all you Blonde Ambitioners this weekend? Maybe a little fun in the sun? A road trip out of town, perhaps?

I'll be heading to central Arkansas for the weekend to attend a baby shower for one of my childhood besties. I still have memories of us playing with dolls when we were little and now, she's gonna be a mommy for real : ) My, my how time has flown...

Ok, I sound old saying that, so I'm gonna switch gears before I start sounding like my mom.

There's no doubt you've noticed the neon hues everywhere lately, which can only mean one thing: Yup, dayglo has made a comeback. Buy some now, ya'll.

This isn't that gosh-awful neon palette of the 1980's. This variety of ultraviolet colors is much more sophisticated and, dare I say, chic.

They predicted this trend way back last fall, but it wasn't until recently when Sarah Jessica Parker wore that fabulous yellow frock to the Sex and the City II premiere that the trend really took off.
Heck, I even bought my very first electric blue mini dress last weekend and I haven't owned anything electric blue since...um....ever : )

A few ideas for wearing neon with the best of em:

1. Use it in moderation. For example, if your dress is hot pink, pair it with tan gladiators and a neutral toned handbag to give your look balance. Head to toe neon is great in a Vogue spread, but in the real world, you'll just look like a walking highlighter.

2. Pair it with animal prints for a super fun look. Mix a bit of cheetah print in with your chartreuse; add some zebra to your zesty orange. Animal prints + neon= winning combo.

3. Looking to ease into the dayglo trend? Try a bright polish for your toes or a small clutch for a night out. You don't have to channel Boy George to pull off this trend; a little neon goes a long way, so test the waters before you invest in tons of shocking shades.

Well chicas, I'm going to get to work (my real work) now. Make this Friday a good one however you can: Dance all crazy, have a killer martini, have a girls' night out, whatever. Just make it fun.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: style.com, FGR


  1. I just realised I was wearing dayglo before you were born. *sigh*

  2. I love bright colors! They are so fun and fresh... but you are totally right - in MODERATION! No neon dresses paired with neon accessories paired with neon nails. No no no. :)

  3. an electric blue dress sounds adorable! perhaps i'll get dressed up this wkend to clean the house. that's about as exciting as it gets around here...

  4. Ooooh I love it! I remember the Day-Glo days! While I was only about 3 years old in their prime, I had teenage sisters who dressed me to the nines in an array of neon!

    Have a great time in Arkansas! I'm off to Baltimore for a baseball game this weekend!

  5. Neons are great! I never feel like I can pull it off though... I just tend to lean towards earthy tones and sometime the occasional pink. lol

  6. LOVE the bright colors! LOVE LOVE! Have a great weekend at your friend's shower! XOXO!

  7. oooo, i LOVE this trend!!! thanks for the pretties and have a great weekend at your friend's baby shower, SO much fun!!!

  8. Love that watch! And because I a clueless, what brand is it? Happy weekend!

  9. Sure Stephanie! The watch is by Michele and it's called the Tahitian jelly bean (fun, huh?)

    I love it too!

  10. loving a good day glo piece

  11. Happy Friday!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  12. When was the last time I even heard the word "DayGlo"? But you are right. There it is! SO glad you liked my New England trip pics. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. :) xoxo

  13. The bright color are so fun! Have fun at the shower!


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