Workin' on My Fitness

Happy Tuesday. Or Tyoooozday, as my middle school vice principal used to pronounce it, (she was very southern.)

Ok, so I’m channeling my inner Jillian Michael’s today (minus the 6 pack abs) to talk fitness, since I am the picture of self-control and discipline ; )

I kid, I kid. Actually I need some friendly fitness advice from you fine, fabulously-toned folks (oh alliteration, how doth I love thee?)

Despite my near fatal experience at the Level 4 Powerflow Yoga class, I have actually continued to go back to the gym/yoga center for more. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.

You see, I have a sexy trip planned to California next month and frankly, I would like to look hot. I’m single and 25, so I can have shallow, self-serving goals like that, right?

Well anywho… I’ve been faithfully hitting the elliptical and treadmill, dutifully plowing away on the stationary bike and relentlessly perfecting my downward facing dog, all in hopes of doing justice to my bikini next month. And though I’m pretty darn content with my weight and overall physique, I would still like to shed a couple more inches all over prior to hitting the beach. Or as they call it in the fitness world, I would like to “shred”.

In summary, I think I’ve hit a plateau. Guh. The single most dreaded word in the exercise dictionary.

So I’m turning to you, my loyal friends and blogmates to help me on my quest to lose those last couple inches; to get me out of my work-out rut.

I mean, I almost considered buying a Gazelle the other night, but then I remembered: A) That there is nowhere to store a Gazelle in my tiny place and, B) I’m a little skeptical of buying any workout equipment from a guy with a mullet-ponytail. Sorry Tony Little.

Help a sister out, ya’ll. What suggestions do you have for blowing past a fitness plateau?

Be blessed, lovelies-

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  1. definitely the 30 day shred! I am on day 9 now and it is amazing. It is tough but you get used to it really fast and I can already feel myself much more toned and (hopefully) slimmer! Check it out-it's as great as everyone says. Jillian is a crazy woman!

  2. The Shred is amazing. Jillian is great. Also, if you change up your diet a little it will be helpful. I hit a plateau right before I needed to look super hot and cut out carbs all expect for some oatmeal or cereal at breakfast, then I mainly ate protein, fruits and veggies for the rest of my meals. I did that for a couple weeks and it really helped. I also cut out alcohol for a couple weeks. It just makes you start seeing results again and is at least meantlly helpful.

  3. I'm no expert but I know you just have to change your workout routine completely. How about swimming or fast walk with interval sprints. Jump roping is supposed to be great. Good luck and have a great time in California! I'm from Redondo Beach and loved living there; I know it will be awesome wherever you go!

  4. Running - in this heat we are experiencing running in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to burn the calories quickly!

  5. One of my best friends recently lost a lot of weight, and she told me that her trainer told her to "shock the system". You have to switch up your workout routine, as well as what you're eating. She cut out all sugars (including fruits and other healthy sugars) for a couple weeks and it did wonders!

    Ugh - sounds awful, but I guess it's worth doing it just for a couple weeks for the beach bod!! Good luck.


  6. The Shred is awesome! If you're really wanting to punish yourself try P90X. It hurts but it works!

  7. You are too cute! I think you are perfect! Let me know what regimen you decide! :) Hugs!

  8. I am single and about to be 25 and I love that we can have shallow goals like that! haha!
    I am looking into getting a personal trainer that will kick my butt! You might want to look into that!

  9. I just put up a similar plea in a Shoptopia talk thread and a gal suggested jumping rope. I haven't done that since college and it DID work. Oh and push ups have always been a quite way to tone for moi!

  10. i wish i had some words of wisdom for you but like you i have been slaving away on the treadmill and the bike and hit a point where nothing more is happening...after reading your comments i think i'll be digging out my jump rope tonight!! jump roping is a killer workout (sometimes almost literally when it whacks you) but it's worth a try! i'm going to attempt running outside tonight instead of the treadmill as well.
    best of luck to get to the bikini bod you want, you can do it!!!
    let us know what you decide to do!!

  11. My mother in law just did a diet called the HCG diet that attacks the fat cells you already have...but it's a very restricted diet. She did lose almost 50lbs though in a short amount of time! You look great anyways, you have NOTHING to worry about!

  12. Insanity Videos are amazing!!! I do not own them because I go to an actual boot camp but these videos are great. One of my friends who is a fitness junkie swears by these videos. The will get you out of that plateau phase for sure. Best part you can do them in your own home and you need no equipment. Good Luck!
    Love reading your blog.

  13. 30 Day Shred sounds like a great suggestion - since you are tight on time. I would check out beachbody.com they have lots of different programs and they may have one that jump starts your fitness routine :) Plus lots of forum questions and answers. You sound like you're active and doing everything right!

    Insanity is from beachbody.com and more hardcore than P90X that shizz freaks me out. I've been doing great on P90X but it does take 3 months (you see results after 30 days but the finished process takes 90!)

    See if the Gym you go to offers a 30 day boot camp I bet that would blast through that fitness barrier for you in no time.

  14. Pilates! I swear by it. It tones like you would not believe.

  15. 30 day shred = results. I love it!

  16. Definitely do the shred. It's hardcore but WORKS!

  17. good for you girl!! i definitely agree with switching up your routine. i highly recommend exercise videos. even if you're a traditional gym gal, i feel like the videos force you to do more with your muscles/body than you would just using an elliptical. any of jillian michaels' videos are great! and mel b's totally fit is a lot of fun!

  18. I've also tried out Insanity which I enjoyed, but another BeachBody product that I loved even more was Brazil Butt Lift. It really works out your core, butt, and upper legs - perfect if you want to tone up before heading to the beach. But honestly you look great!

  19. So the advice I give you may not be what you want to hear. I taught fitness and was a personal trainer for almost 18 years. Now I'm spending my days busy with family and my own workouts sometimes take a back seat to other priorities. But that's the BIGGEST problem!

    Workouts have to be a priority and they have to be consistent. Gimmicks don't often work -- but if you balance healthy eating, cardio and strength training, that formula works every time. Especially at your age, you should get great results.

    Now I'm off to the gym -- have to get there before the Live Oak Retirement home bus arrives.

  20. You've already answered your own question - you are 25. You are perfect. The world is your oyster! SoCal or NorCal? :) xoxo

  21. im single, 25, and live in LA..shouldnt i have your motivation all the time lol.

    will u be in my neck of the woods?!
    if so, cocktail please!


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