Summer Soirees: {Mad Men}

I was skimming some event planning sites last night for inspiration for today’s summer soiree post and looky looky what I found...

I became a fan of this show about a year ago after a couple of friends suggested I tune in. I work in marketing and it’s so funny to see how things have evolved over the years in the world of advertising.

The wardrobe and set styling of this show are phenomenal and many trends of the moment in fashion and home decor, (cat-eye sunglasses, bouffant hair, lucite furniture, etc.), spawned from the Mad Men craze.

I mean, how ridiculously fun would this theme be for a house-warming party or birthday celebration?

Let’s take a closer look.

The use of fun retro colors like lime green, marigold, robin’s egg blue and bright white are totally fresh for summer.

Even better, there’s no need to go out and purchase expensive centerpieces or decorations. Raid your grandma’s attic or a local antique store for unique vintage items, like an old typewriter or funky hat box to add some flair to your party scene.

Sites like Social Couture and Spoon Sisters offer up tons of options for napkins, dinnerware and hostess gifts that are wonderfully retro and inexpensive, (like the vintage cocktail coasters from SS below.)

When choosing party favors, consider the following:

For the ladies, hand out non-prescriptive horn-rimmed eye glasses (with plastic lenses, of course) or massive faux pearl necklaces (get em’ at Claire’s or The Icing for $2 a pop) for a precious parting gift.

For the gents, boxes of candy cigars or funky clip-on bow ties make nifty souvenirs.

And how perfect would these invitations from Traylor Papers be for this theme? I heart both of the designs below:

Another clever idea might be to “assign” everyone a character for the evening. Simply include a nametag for the assigned character, (Joan, Betty, Don, Peggy, etc.), inside the invitation for each guest and have them roleplay for the night. Sure, it's kinda kitschy, but it will totally get everyone in the Mad Men spirit.

Ok, before I run off, I need to send out a shout out to my lil' furbaby Max, who is celebrating his 8th birthday today! Happy birthday Maxer…mommy loves you : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Happy Bday, Max!! And I LURVE Madmen! What a freaking awesome party theme! (I'm sending this idea to my boyfriend right now as an idea for a new years party or something since my bday is next week and it's a little too late.). :)

  2. I'm a Mad Men groupie as well...can't get enough! This is such a great idea for an adult party - just some groovy vintage and cocktails! Happy Birthday Max - you don't look a day older! -diane

  3. Wouldn't that just be the most fun party to dress up for? Oh the dresses I would love to wear...

  4. I am dying to host a Mad Men party! How much fun would that be! These are some really great ideas! I love this series of yours!

  5. How fun! That would be an awesome theme party. I love that show too!

  6. Happy Birthday Max :)

    This party would be SO fun! Cute ideas! Hope you're having a fantastic week!

    xo - jami

    i m a g i n e

  7. When S and I finally move into our dream home - I am carting your butt to wherever we are and you are going to help me spend some of his hard earned money. And we are going to DEC-O-RATE! Woot!
    I love all these ideas :)

  8. Great party theme! Love the fashion (boy did they have to "dress up" everyday back then!) I think we get off easy now. And of course everyone smoked...ignorance is bliss I suppose!
    Happy b-day to your little furbaby nugget!

  9. Ahhh max is SO cute! I had a dog named Max when I was a kid haha! THAT party sounds amazing!!! NOW lets plan it :)

  10. Oh my goodness Leslie, I don't think I could possibly be more in love with this post! I ADORE Mad Men, and this party is just too perfect!! EEEE!! Made my day! Thanks for posting pretty lady!

    Have you seen this before? Wouldn't it be a great menu for this Mad Men party? :) xoxo


  11. Oh I am dying over this themed party! Can you move to LA and plan my parties for me?!!? The retro colors are super cute too! Kisses my love!

  12. I saw this the other day on HwtM!! I absolutely fell in love! I'm so glad you posted this! Wouldn't this be the most amazing party?? I love it! The outfits could be so fun to put together!

    Happy Thursday, lady! xo

  13. happy birthday, Max! and happy Thursday, Leslie!

  14. I would be GIDDY to go to a Madmen themed party. It's a terrific idea. Wow, I want to host a party right now after this post. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. LOVE this! What a fabulous idea!

  16. Such a fun idea!! Love the pictures.

  17. How fun! Love the ideas and all the pics. And your little Max is too cute!

  18. hey leslie, just wanted to let you know that i left you an award on my blog today:


  19. How freaking cute is this!? I want to go!

  20. Mad Men is fantastic and so is that picture of you and your doggie! Happy belated birthday to Max. :)


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