Ryan's Retreat

Good Morning beautiful friends! I’m so glad ya’ll have decided to pop by today despite all the crazy issues some of us had with Blogger yesterday. Everything seems to be working swimmingly today though, (fingers crossed.)

Ok, I know some of you that check out Elle Décor have probably seen or heard about this recent feature on Meg Ryan’s summer beach retreat, but because it was simply to stunning NOT to blog about, I just couldn’t resist sharing.

Meg has always been one of my most favorite actresses and favorite Hollywood blondes. I love her bubbly personality, quick wit and the grace with which she’s always carried herself. And I also think I just fell in love with her summer home…

The entire house features Viking/Nordic elements, truly reflective of Northern European style.

The main entry showcases a gorgeous zinc top table and tons of natural light.

An oak table in the kitchen sits just underneath these cool little pendant lights from Historical Materialism. Not to mention, I’m insanely jealous of that Viking range.

Now let’s take a look at this creative storage design in the pantry…I love how her shelves actually look more like bookshelves. And did you notice the painted brick supports? I like.

The chairs in the dining area are covered with stone-colored slipcovers, allowing guests to eat stylishly AND comfortably.

In the master bedroom, Meg chose to use vintage linens to compliment the bed and trunk, designed by Herrick & White.

Are you digging Meg’s style as much as I am? Well, good news. It is totally possible to recreate this look and feel in your own home with a few new pieces and some creative thinking.

Sites like Gretel offer everything from textiles to lighting to eating utensils done in the Nordic style from their online store. Check out the section on pendant lights and dining accessories for ideas for your own space.

My thoughts on Meg Ryan’s summer home can best be summed up with a quote from one of her most famous films, When Harry Met Sally

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: Elle Decor


  1. Prety, pretty, pretty!! Love the dining room!

  2. Love this style, simply gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Everything is so beautiful and like a breath of fresh air!

  5. I LOVE!!! That bedroom. It's classy, cozy, bright, airy and so inviting.


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