And On Monday, They Wept

And by they, I mean Razorback fans. 


Happy Monday! (Is there such a thing?)

Let’s try this:

“Not-so-terrible Monday!”

More fitting?

I wish I had a thrilling weekend tale to recount to you all this morning, but I do not. Instead, you’re stuck with this:

  • We watched Anonymous on Saturday night on Dish On-Demand and loved it. To all the former English majors and literature buffs out there – get thee to a dvd player and watch it. 

  • I took Ruby to the vet on Saturday morning for her 3rd boosters. A brief 13 minutes (kidd you not) and a mere $89 later, we were on our merry way. Pets eat money. Swear. 

  • Yes, I watched the bloody Hogs game. Yeah, we were brutalized yet again. We are AWFUL. AWFUL, I tell you. It ain’t our year and that’s all there is to it. Thank again, Bobby P. 

  • On the upside, I hear our basketball team is slated to be quite good. I’ve never been a major b-ball fan, but with football going the way it is, there’s probably no better time to become one. 

  • Win or lose, head coach or no head coach – I still love the Hogs. #WPS 

  • Did anyone tune into Real Housewives of New Jersey last night? Some of my favorite gems:

On the subject of copycatting:

“You’re wearing my glitter eyeshadow. I wore glitter eyeshadow on last season’s reunion.”  - Teresa to Melissa

On style and appearance:

 “I can’t see your face for all your extensions.” – Melissa to Teresa.

“You, in your Christmas pageant dress. Just sit there and shut the (insert curse word) up.” – Caroline ‘Butt-inski’ Manzo

On strange personal endeavors:

“My cannoli kit will be on shelves really soon. Everyone can be a goddess in her kitchen!” – Kathy Wakile
  • Is it just me, or is hocking strange products and concepts the right of passage for all Real Housewives? Remember that “wine of the month” club that Vicki and Tamara from the O.C. started? You know, before they hated each other?? And Alexis Bellino’s “couture” dress line? (P.S. – I wondered if she realized that the very word couture implies “one of a kind”?) 

Just some low-carb, trans-fat-free food for thought.

Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. Can you turn around..I'm sick of talking to your weave! Those catty women had me in stitches last night..and oh dear heaven, when you could hear Rosie in the background I about lost it. Next week is sure to be a treat.


  2. I'm a Hokies fan, and this is definitely not our year! I've already come to terms with that fact, and I will still bleed orange and maroon for the rest of my life.

  3. loved the reunion, even though it gave me serious anxiety! don't forget about teresa and juicy joe also promoting teeth whitening (what?!) gretchen's line of handbags (rhob), and ramona's jewelry (rhony)
    crazy i tell ya, just crazy (and i love every minute of it!) ;-)

  4. I couldn't believe that Teresa accused Melissa of copying her with the glitter eyeshadow. If that's what she's had to deal with, poor thing. She couldn't spell napalm, which maybe is a little telling? If she has a professional writer, just own up to it. Who cares?

  5. Loved that reunion! and I'm so excited to see the other 2! My husband even stayed up to watch. ha ha! The sad part, I have a coworker who reminds me of Theressa! ugh

  6. Haha I cannot WAIT to go home and watch this. I was instead watching my own football team (Giants) lose instead. Awful is right. I completely agree on the right of passage and have never tried any of their products but you know what? Kathy's canoli kit is going to be mine. I love canolis. Strange how the least popular housewife ever gets me to want her ridiculously out there product.

  7. Loved the reunion and was thrilled when I found out it is a 3-parter!

  8. I have not had a chance to watch the reunion yet but now I'm even more excited to see it! :) and yes dogs do eat money, but they sure are cute, and it's a good thing :)

  9. RHONJ is my favorite of the housewives chains but it has gotten so repetitive this season. I did love Lauren Manzo attacking Teresa it was hillarious. Teresa seems to have lost sense of reality and came off really dumb. I used to be such a huge fan of her its so weird and gross to see this side of her! I feel like all the housewives are like that and try to sell stuff but I guess its smart of them and take the opportunity of their 15 minutes of fame lol! Can't wait to watch next week!

  10. I think my jaw stayed dropped the entire New Jersey Housewives Reunion! My heart was beating super fast and I could NOT take my eyes off the screen. I feel almost sick to say that I can't wait for next week - A 3 part reunion? YES PLEASE! :)

  11. Trust me. As a TU fan, I understand the losing thing. :( Speaking of, we're playing you guys on November 3! Are you going? I realize it will be a crowded mess, but we'll be there. If there's some random way to say hi face to face and snag a photo for the blog world before we resume being football frenemies for the day, we should make it happen! Did you know Eric got my ring in Fayetteville?! I kept meaning to write and tell you that, but I feel like I lost time over the past two weeks. I keep thinking I did things that I didn't do...haha.. My brain has been on wedding planning mode. :)


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