I had envisioned this Monday post going a bit differently, if we're being frank. We had a gloriously fall-themed weekend, complete with pumpkin patches and Christmas Card photos. However, this morning got away from me and now you're left with a quickly written stream of conscience. So coming up tomorrow...


I'm sure you're feeling as much exuberance as I am about that.

Because what would you do this week if you missed out on seeing Stephen and myself posed awkwardly in front of a corn maze?

1. As I said, we visited the pumpkin patch on Saturday with some family. It was a lovely day, but darn near 80 degrees. I'd prefer to not sweat my britches off in late October, but I guess it's better than 100 degrees. And in Arkansas, we'll take what we can get, in terms of cooler weather.

2. I started organizing items for the blog sale and quit after the two minute mark. I am not cut out for this virtual yard sale nonsense. Instead, I'll just give y'all our address and you can come over and just shop straight from the source, m'kay?

Kidding. Sale starts Oct. 31 at 7:00 p.m. Be there (or rather here) or be without pre-owned clothes from some blogger in Arkansas.

3. I feel it's worth noting that I have fallen in love with Kaboom bathroom cleaner. I recently purchased the variety that you can spray and, after mere seconds, turns from blue to white. In the words of the infomercial host, "The white tells you it's working!" I'm sure it has nothing to do with some chemical being exposed to air that causes the solution to go from blue to white...

It smells clean and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun watching it change colors. I even had to show Stephen the other night. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Come look at this Kaboom Foam-tastic cleaner! You spray it on-

Stephen: Ack! Why is that mess blue? Does that come off? Did you read the instructions?

(Always with the questions...)

Me: If you'd let me finish, you'd know that it turns white in about...wait for it...see! Look there! When it turns white you know it's finished anti-bacterializing. Or whatever.

Stephen: Woah. Well hey, let me try that-

Me: No! I've got dibs on the shower. You can do the counter tops.

And that ladies, is how you trick your husbands into thinking that cleaning is fun. By a gimmicky bathroom cleaner and sit back and paint your nails.

4. I know that Foursquare is ancient by now, but I still get requests that say "So and So Wants to be Your Friend on Foursquare!" Maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure I want the whole bloomin' tri-county area to know that I'm at the Cave Springs Dollar Store buying Oreos and Us Weekly. Simply put, I do not understand the point of "checking in". I'm not exactly Indiana Jones, so you can bet if I'm not at work or home, I'm usually at some point in-between the two.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You make me laugh so hard. I enjoy these stream of conscience posts immensely because sometimes I think bloggers stop being real in the name of posting pretty photos. Also, awhile back you posted about meeting hubs and getting engaged 7 months (I think!?) later. This has always stuck with me, because I admire your relationship so much. Have a great day beautiful!

  2. i was just saying to my mom i cannot believe i've been wearing a tank top during the day and a sweatshirt at night. seriously on saturday i wore a tank top and that night we had a bonfire..arkansas weather for you. i don't hate it though..i think i've gotten used to the heat.

    and foursquare creeps me out.

  3. woo, pumpkin patch shots!


  4. this post was awesome. I like that kaboom stuff too and I too will now try and trick my husband! and I laughed out loud when you said "or be without pre-owned clothes from some blogger in arkansas

  5. Haha "sit back and paint your nails". You are a thinker! And so true about Foursquare, I deleted my account about a year ago after battling my roommate for mayorship of our own apartment. Wtf?

  6. WELL PLAYED on the bathroom cleaner, well played! :)


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