Whirlwind Weekend

Date night on Friday...love this man. 
This weekend was one of those that begins the second your feet touch the ground on Saturday morning. Ruby’s wiener dog race was supposed to commence on Saturday, but the temps were in the forties and chances of rain were high, so it was postponed until Oct. 13.

Saturday, our Hogs finally won another game! It was a blessed relief from our seemingly never-ending losing streak. Hopefully we can pull out another "W" season. #fingerscrossed

We headed to Tulsa Saturday afternoon for the wedding of Melissa and Ben, two of our dearest friends. It was held at Harwelden Mansion, which is this gorgeous estate. The ceremony portion of the wedding was held outside, so we were a little lot chilly, but it was absolutely beautiful.

Stephen, Me, Melissa and Ben this past summer at Crystal Bridges

We were able to visit with so many of our friends, celebrate with a few fun beverages and dance the night away. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday!

This was the back of the party invitation that Sarah sent out...presh. This boy is presh. 

Sunday morning we headed back up to Northwest Arkansas for Reed’s birthday. Reed belongs to Stephen’s oldest sister Sarah and her husband Zach, and is the little bro to four-year-old Ava, their youngest child. Reed turned one and of course we wanted to be there to celebrate with our fam.

This cutie patootie loved his “smash” cake! Makes me kinda have a hankering for a little one : )

Last night, we came home and planted ourselves on the sofa and indulged in some NFL goodness. I love October during football season because all the big, tough guys wear pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. I think it’s very endearing.

Such a whirlwind of two days, but we are constantly reminded of the reasons we’re so busy – our family and friends. And for them, we are constantly grateful.

Finally, if you have time today, please say a prayer for the family and friends of local news anchor, Matt Turner, who passed away Saturday evening in a car accident. Please lift up his sweet wife Julee and baby girl Preslee, and the family that surrounds them. 

A silent auction has been set up for them here.

You can also send donations to Julee, which will likely go toward little Preslee’s college fund. 

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! You guys look so adorable for your date night and friends' wedding :) Happy Monday!

  2. That story about Matt Turner just broke my heart. Saw it this morning on Kelly's blog:( In other news, the photos of your and S in your wedding outfits - coats and all - looked presh in spite of the cold temps!

  3. You are so gorgeous, missy! I love seeing y'alls weekend updates. Glad y'all had such a fun time, full of friends and family! Those are the best weekends.

    My heart is just broken for the Turner's. I can't stop thinking about her and the emotions she's going through. I just can't imagine. So glad people are putting together fundraisers for them!

    Happy Monday, sweet friend!

  4. Sounds like you all had a fun filled weekend. I swear you look like Barbie as crazy as that may sound lol. You all looked so cute for the wedding :)

  5. hat a cute photo of you and your hubby!
    Two of my sisters got married at Harwelden. It really is so beautiful there.


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