It's Fall, Y'all

This past Saturday, Stephen and I met his parents and sister Sarah for a day filled with hay, farm animals and pumpkins. Of course it wasn't just us, though. Our niece Ava and nephew Reed came along for the ride. Because let's face it, a bunch of adults at a pumpkin patch without kids? Creepy.

From left to right, clockwise: Stephen's sister Stephanie, Me, Frances, Jeff, Ava and Reed

Ava thoroughly enjoyed the corn box. She wouldn't get too close to the animals...

But Aunt Leslie sure did. For new readers, it's time I tell you about my obsession with goats. I LOVE me some goats. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

We went on a hay ride. Oooohhh....Aaaahhhh.

I grew up on a farm (cattle farm), so it cracks me up how awkward some people are around farm animals. Parents were sanitizing their kids' hands every 30 seconds, which I thought was a hoot! (Trust me folks, dirty as they may seem, those farm animals are 10x cleaner than most things you come in contact with.)

I also got to meet a couple of very sweet ladies who read the blog. One I met by the goat pen and the other, by a haystack. That's where we Arkansans like to hang out on the weekends, you see. BIG thanks to both of you for reading this silly thing : )

Fun day, kids. Fun day.

Lastly, we got a sneak peek of our Christmas Card/One-Year Anniversary photos that the fabulous Bethany of Bethany Blair Photography took. OH MY LORDY....LOVE!!! We can't wait to see all of them in a couple of weeks.

Dress from Savoir-Faire...conveniently coming up in tomorrow's outfit post.
If anyone out there in NWA needs pics of you and your husband or your kids or just you....send Bethany an email. She is SO easy to work with and had really great ideas. Thank you again, Bethany!

P.S.- If you could, please send out a little prayer for our friend Kyle today. His dad passed away unexpectedly this past weekend and the funeral is tomorrow. I cannot imagine losing a parent and I know he'll need lots of prayers right now and in the months to come. Thanks, friends.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Lifting Kyle up in prayer, most importantly. Losing a parent is not even fathomable to me. You and Stephen look amazing in that photo and I hope you'll share more when you receive them :)
    XO Kait

  2. I will definitely say a prayer. That is so hard.
    Your picture is gorgeous. Really stunning!

  3. Great shot! I'm such a slacker. I haven't sent Christmas cards out in years. A goat obsession-the truth comes out!! LOL. That's so cool that you got to meet some other bloggers.

  4. I L.O.V.E. your Christmas card photo. I've been following your blog for a while now...coming from someone who has no fashion sense at ALL...having your blog to read gives me some hope that I can be somewhat stylish one day! ;)

  5. I think I def missed the memo on the leopard print scarves at the pumpkin patch! My husband's best friend's gf wore a leopard scarf when we went this weekend, and she looked adorbs...And so do you in yours! Love:)

  6. What a fun Fall Day!!! And the picture is fab - as always!

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  8. That photo of you and your hubby is gorg!!! BTW, where is your leopard print scarf from?


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