The Non-Martha

Every year when fall rolls around, I get the urge to craft. It starts innocently; I see a little Pinterest project for constructing wreaths out of twine or simple 51-step project for making a chandelier out of champagne bottles and pinecones.

I’ll set up shop on the couch, clicking and making shopping lists for the supplies I’ll need to satisfy my urge. In the midst of this, Stephen will undoubtedly walk by and sigh, knowing full well that my crafting alter-ego has been unleashed. A woman marked by a manic episode of buttons and burlap and calligraphy pens. And where will she go?

To Hobby Lobby, of course. Where she’ll I’ll (oh, who are we kidding?), buy a cart full of glue sticks, candles, Modge Podge, stencils, glitter and other whatnots. I’ll even swing by Macadoodles, the local liquor store, to purchase the champagne bottles it will require for the aforementioned chandelier. (And Stephen will get sassy with me for spending money on champagne. That we don’t drink. Or even like.)

I’ll carry all the supplies in the house, full of vigor and a renewed sense of hope. This could be the year; the year our home is filled with beautiful, magazine-worthy creations. Handmade by yours truly.

But two, three or ten weeks later, the supplies will still be sitting in the office, unopened and neatly placed beside the di-cut paper slicer thing that I bought last season to make that scrapbook photo frame that is still unfinished. Or unstarted.

We’ll have a slower-paced weekend and I’ll spend a Sunday afternoon attempting to construct something. But after 30 minutes and multiple hot glue gun burns, I’ll quit. My impatience will take over and I’ll curse the gods of Pinterest for making me buy in to the whole DIY movement.

Pssshaw. DIY.

I’d rather BUY.

I was born with a knack for putting the proper accessories with a certain outfit; with an ability to find and attend every shoe sale in the tri-state area. I can bake a solid batch of pumpkin bread, make a fantastic skillet of fried chicken and brew up a glass of sweet tea that’ll blow your skirt up. I can tap dance, do a pretty convincing British accent and teach my dog how to hop over an empty wrapping paper roll.

But when it comes to crafting…I missed the proverbial boat in magnificent form.

My creations don’t look “similar” to the Pinterest photo; they are the Picassos in a sea of Monets.

Oh sure, those adorable little step-by-step tutorials make it look easy. But, am I the only one that notices there are MANY things that happened between step one and step two that were conveniently left out? I suppose they assume that a true crafter would just “know” how to fill in the blanks.

Sister, when it comes to turning licorice into lampshades, I need every step. Shown twice and replayed in slow motion, just for good measure.

So, yes. I’ve acknowledged the fact that, try as I may, I will never be one of those women with a crafting room. If we have children, their Halloween costumes will be ordered from Etsy. Handmade by some broad with far more talent and time than myself.

I, however, will divide and conquer with my friends, Visa and Mastercard. Together, we’ll take on Pottery Barn and Kirkland’s, in search of everything beautiful and factory-made.

I’ve given up on channeling my inner-Martha. We tried, but things never worked out. It was an amicable split and both of us are moving on with life.

 Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. haha this cracked me up : ) I would say you are being smart, because most of time, its cheaper to buy then to DIY! ; )

  2. This super crafty girl loved each and every moment of this post!

  3. HAHA! Feel ya!
    I LOVE going to hobby lobby to buy Everything "I think I need" to make wonderful pintrest projects... only to find that 2-3 weeks later they are still in bags in my dining room! HA! Love it!!! I'm with you! Buying things this year!

  4. Right there with ya sister. The fact is, for me, it's honestly cheaper to buy than to DIY. I have literally zero crafting materials. And no desire to spend hard earned paychecks stocking up on all that. I may make some handmade (i.e. hand glittered and monogrammed - if I'm feeling my inner Martha) ornaments this year, but that's as DIY as it gets around these parts.

  5. haha! Love this post! Totally can relate, most of the time!

    Keep on keeping on!

  6. I have totally been there!! I prefer to BUY as well!


  7. You're preaching to the choir!! The thought of buying Modge Podge freaks me out and sometimes going in Hobby Lobby is overwhelming haha! Accessorize an outfit? Done in 2.5 seconds....give me glitter and glue....I'll be in the same spot when you come back!

  8. You seriously just made me pee a little, I laughed so hard. I'm currently trying to turn licorice into lampshades. And I suck at it.

  9. Ha! This made me laugh so hard. I can make cutesy crafts but anything more than 7 steps, I turn to Etsy and let someone else do the work.

  10. I can totally relate. I am not a craftier, regardless of what my Pinterest "To Make" Craft board leads one to believe. The only craft I can manage is glue-ing folded paper circles together to make a pumpkin. Yes, I rocked that craft!

  11. You're definitely a girl after my own heart. Anything that looks like it'll take more than 15 minutes and $15 to make is NOT worth my time. I find all my cute stuff at TJ Maxx and buy fresh flowers, and call 'er a day. Time is money, honey.

    LOL the captcha in order to enter in my comment was "ieDIYers"!! Very post-appropriate.

  12. loved this post! you are hilarious

  13. Frankly... to most Pinterest DIY stuff... I always look at it and say "Ain't nobody got time for that!" always!

    Who needs to DIY when Hobby Lobby has the most awesome decoration section on the planet right?

    Leave the DIY to Martha... or wait until you have kiddos then create more with them :) At least that's my plan!!!

    For the record I've done the same thing - I did a lot for my wedding too... most of the projects flopped! ;)

  14. Haha.You are too funny.
    How about you when you buy all the craft materials, put everything together and take apart what you just did. I never like how my crafts come out. I look at what I did, and say "That looks horrible".
    I rather buy too. Love etsy.


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