Black Friday Sales. Werd.

Black Friday shopping. It takes nerves of steel and more endurance than Lindsay Lohan on a three-day bender.

But, if you’ve got heart – and some mad bargain-hunting skills – you just might finish your holiday shopping list. (Or find some nifty knick-knacks for yourself.)

I, on the other hand, like to enjoy Black Friday from the comfort of my bed/couch, nursing a turkey hangover and planning the day’s exciting activities, which include riveting things like changing out of my blue sweat pants and putting on my black sweat pants. Luckily, many of the fabulous sponsors of A Blonde Ambition understand and they’re offering great deals online.


I'd like to introduce you to a new store today...kidding. Y'all are highly familiar with SF and my undying affection for this boutique. Get yourself there today and pick up something cute for someone on your gift-buying list. Or just buy it for yourself. 

No judgment here.

For the girl who has everything...well, get her a gift card. Then she can trade it in for something fabulous and much-desired. 
Also, check out their beautiful video shot by Jade Howard for the KNWA TV station.

The Rage

There's a reason this store is called The Rage. Laci carries darn near every trend out there...and at amazing prices that REAL people can afford. Win, win.

Maude Boutique

Y'all know Maude. They need no introduction. You'd be crazy not do your holiday shopping there, simply because of the amazing deal they have going for Black Friday. 

The Elle

I don't think I need to expound on how much I love the shoes and accessories of The Elle, but in case you're wondering...I. DIE.

So much beauty...so many shoes...head spinning....

KiKi La' Rue (the newest sponsor of A Blonde Ambition) is having a pretty stellar Black FIVE Day Sale. Additionally, Becka (sweet owner of KLR) is giving away five $50 gift codes, which you can redeem online. Starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday, Kiki La' Rue is offering 15% off everything, even the clearance.

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts

I like to refer to Pea Pod as stocking stuffer heaven. Seriously, if you can't find it there, you can't find it.

So go forth, you babes of Black Friday, and buy stuff.


P.S. - A sincere thank you to the fabulous WOMEN-OWNED small businesses that make this blog possible. You are so deeply appreciated and you all inspire me in amazing ways. To Savoir-Faire, Maude Boutique, The Elle, The Rage, Pea Pod and Kiki La' Rue...thank you.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Please buy yourself the chevron dress and blue jumpsuit. Then move closer to me so we can share.

    Thankful for YOU and finding your blog this year!

  2. I love where you want to put yourself during the Black Friday sales. I am the same way! I tried last year & it was awful I thought I was gonna kill one more person if they shoved me, pushed me or ran over my heels again! It was terrible! I vowed that this year I would just pay the extra money on what ever if I wanted it badly enough & go during a regular time without all the crazy madness!

  3. So Happy to have found your blog LOVE IT!

    Newest follower

    XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com


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