A Few Mentionables Before Turkey Day

First thing is first... I'll be here for Confessional Friday, just like olden times. No post skippage around this blog. No ma'am.

1. I, for one, am elated at the thought of a four-day weekend. I am not, however, elated at how badly our Hogs are going to get spanked by LSU on Friday, though. Oh well, it is to be expected this year : ) Maybe next year, we'll have a certain coach helping get more W-s than L-s. (I really don't think we have a chance in Hells Angels at getting Grudy boy, but it would be crazy amazing to land a coach like that.)

2. Speaking of Gruden, have y'all heard this melodic plea from a trio of Arkansas fellas? Hilarious, yet quite charming, really.

3. We're venturing to the land of Fort Smith for Thanksgiving tomorrow night. Please say a prayer for Stephen's mother as she not only feeds, but HOSTS 20-some-odd people. I think, like, 15 of us are actually sleeping there. Bless her soul for being so brave.

4. On that note, how great a blessing to have 20-some-odd people with which to share a holiday? I'm blessed beyond belief and am not ashamed to admit it. Family - it's a good thing to have.

5. I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to host the Pie in the Sky contest this year. Maybe I'll have to resurrect it for Christmas next month. I had so much fun hosting that little contest, as was evidenced by  the number on the scale after it was over.

6. My momma and daddy are coming to Northwest Arkansas on Friday to spend the weekend - YAY! They live several hours away from us, so when they come, it's a treat.

7. I love this little girl. (I love our furry little boy, too. He's just not a fan of photo opps.)

Same time, same place tomorrow.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. oh heyyyy girl! you wanna play in the land of Fortastic, you just let me know :)

  2. No, no, no! The Vols want Gruden! LOL!

  3. Aww a Thanksgiving with 20 people sounds like so much fun!!! Have fun!

  4. I'm peacing out of the Fort to head to Hot Springs...but have fun here!

  5. Sounds like you'll be having a great weekend! I, for one, will be spending it with my family, hoping that a) the Redskins beat Dallas and b) VA Tech beats UVA. And, I'm hoping to actually stick to my "no shopping for self 'till 2013" rule this Black Friday. Lord help me.

  6. You can't have Gruden because we are getting him at UT! ;)

  7. Love the video! I thought about you the other night because we were watching that Catfish show, have you seen it? and the girl was from fayetteville so I was clearly trying to scope the scene in hopes of seeing you in the background! but i didn't :( haha, happy happy turkey day!!

  8. We're heading to the game tomorrow!! Couldn't come down all the way from CO and not go to my first hogs game. I'm just excited to go and experience game day jn the South.


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