Pining for Pins

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Welcome back from the weekend, dear readers. I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some football, yummy food and, well, whatever it is you like doing on weekends.

The holidays are a comin’ and my compulsive decorating habits are about to hit an all-time high. I can just feel it.

Although I have utterly no desire to decorate for Christmas right now, it’s still never too early to “pin” some nifty ideas, right? So, while I take the rest of November to let my Halloween/fall d├ęcor do its thing, here are a few holiday “pinners” that inspire me to no end.

Follow them with me and get motivated to be merry! Or to dress stylishly! Or to eat better food!

(Apparently it’s “use an abundance of exclamation points, even though it goes against everything professional writing styles tell us” day.)

The pretty lass behind Matchbook Magazine frankly outdoes herself with stunning pins year-round. Her “Holiday” board is still light, but I know that as soon as we get a bit closer to December, she’ll be pinning full force.

Kimberly from Eat. Sleep. Wear.

I have no idea how she finds these exquisite photos, but I don’t care – they’re brilliant. You’ll want to pay close attention to her “Entertain” board this holiday season…it’s swanky and delicious.

I hope you’re already following this graphic design/style extraordinaire, but if you aren’t, I pray you do soon. She’s fiercely keen to what catches the eye and every photo she pins gets my decorating/styling/cooking/drink-making wheels turning something fierce.

The mother of all pinners, Pascale is not only strikingly pretty, but genius when it comes to knowing exactly which images will evoke emotion from viewers. If you want to give your creative streak a kick in the pants, let Pascale be the one to do it.

This blogger for The Daily Telecraft is also an Atlanta-based artist. She has a ton of variety, far past the walls of holiday decorating. She sheds all pretenses of the unexpected and channels purely unique content.

This genius of the pin board...wait. Nah, she's overrated. Best to follow those listed above if you want to be wowed : )

Anywhoodle, stay tuned tomorrow for…a surprise post! (It’ll be a surprise to me, too. The picture of preparedness, I am.)

Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. My hubby went to the Alabama / TX A&M game this weekend... I can't.. I just... I can't even talk about it (kidding, I'm really not that overly emotional about the football game)... but while he was gone as I sat and tried to relax and just veg, watch chick flicks and do nothing.. I kept getting an urge to decorate the house for Christmas.

    I came to my senses and stopped myself... it's too early for that IMO. But it would have been a perfect day for it.

  2. I'm sooo excited to decorate for Christmas and to be honest I've started !! Yikes really early BUT who cares !!!


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