Things I Don't Regret

Every year before the holidays I get all deep and pensive and reflective. I blame it on being a complete sap, but I suppose a little bit of introspection never hurt a writer, you know?

My life has changed dramatically and wonderfully in the past two years, but it took a lot of years and a lot of events, both good and bad, to get to this point. And do you know what? I wouldn’t change a whole lot.

Here are a few things that I don’t regret:

 -Those rowdy nights in college. I’m not telling the world to go out and act a fool, but please live your life. Have some (legal) fun. Kiss a random boy or two, if the moment strikes. You will not get that time back and I promise you’ll look back on it fondly.

-Getting out of a damaged relationship. During the fall of 2009, it seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. “All my friends are married! How can I start over at the elderly age of 24!?” But I’m glad I followed through. I had one of the best fall seasons and reconnected with a side of myself that had been lost during the years of that relationship. I had fun. I learned that changing yourself to fit the standards of another is for the birds. I danced. I laughed. I literally threw confetti into the air on my 25th birthday with a group of rowdy friends at Brewski’s. I prayed. I traveled. I prayed some more.

And less than a year later, I met my husband.

-Eating that delicious frosted cookie last weekend. And then eating another.

-Spending too much money on those Badgley Mischka wedding shoes. Worth every penny.

-Moving to Northwest Arkansas on a whim and without employment, (other than a non-paying internship.) My gut instincts told me to do so. And they proved themselves correct.

-Deciding to go blonde at the age of 14 when I had my first highlight, (a rite of passage for a southern girl – ha!) Thank you momma for showing me the ways of hair color.

-Skipping the house cleaning in favor of piling up on the couch to watch funny YouTube videos with Stephen. I promise if I died tomorrow, I would not regret that the baseboards were dusty. But those laughs shared with my husband? Yeah.

-Joining the Methodist church. Stephen was raised Catholic, I was raised Baptist and we knew that we wanted a common denomination in which to worship as a couple. I didn’t personally feel it was fair to ask him to convert for me, and vice versa, out of respect for our families and each other’s upbringing. The Methodist church was a beautiful blend of the two churches and we are so happy we met halfway. It really was never an issue for us at all; honestly, it was a no brainer. We joined Central United Methodist in April 2011 and were married there months later, which was the perfect way to symbolize our new journey. Not saying it’s the right solution for everyone, but for couples from very different faith backgrounds, it was a great path.

-I don’t regret the $3.99 I spent on these velvet-covered pencils from Target. There’s something about an updated version of an ancient writing utensil that makes my writer self very happy.

-I don’t regret growing my hair out, but I’ve regretted the majority of haircuts I’ve gotten, save for the normal trim.

-I don’t regret any money we’ve spent on travel. I know that Stephen and I will always have those memories and I want to get as much in as we can before kiddos come along.

Example: One of my fondest memories of my life is being stuck on the interstate in Illinois during a blizzard with Stephen. We took a trip to Chicago four months after we started dating and got trapped on the interstate for 12 hours. During that time, we talked. And talked. And fell in love. And fell in love. And fell in love some more.

What don't you regret? 

Be blessed, lovelies- 


  1. great post! i couldn't agree more with those rowdy nights in college. those were 4 years of my life unlike any other, and i have so many wonderful (and funny) memories of those late nights out with my best friends!

  2. These are awesome!
    I so totally agree with rowdy nights in college... and maybe some all through your 20's... and 30's... ;)
    I also agree with money spent traveling! I consider those memories an investment!

  3. This was such an amazing post!!!!


  4. Love this! Posts like these are my fave:)

  5. what a FANTASTIC list my friend...good things to think about because we all have similar items!! my #1 i don't regret is following my heart and choosing to date jeff (who is now my husband) though it caused some issues within my former friends

  6. I don't regret much - everything I've done and been has brought me to where I am today. It takes good and bad to make a life.

    Great post!

  7. I absolutely loved this post. So many things ran true with me as well. There are sometime I think "we spent HOW MUCH on that vacation?!" but I have to remember we will never get those memories back before kids. Worth every penny.

  8. I don't regret living paycheck to paycheck so I could live downtown in Memphis. Those three years were great! Great post!


  9. Isn't it funny how we never regret growing our hair out. I think you are totally on to something about that.

    I am also happy to see you lived it up, before you settled down. I will always forever be thankful for my 20's the ups, the downs, the crazy nights and the random boys. I am glad I wised up and had a few wild, single summers before getting back into relationships. And cheers to getting out of the destructive ones and finding prince charmings for ourselves.

    I can still remember last year... being a big down and out about not being engaged yet - you were newly engaged and told me to just be patient. How wise you are sister... so wise!

    Thanks for always keeping it real here and lifting us up!!!

    With all the things I said before... I also never regret making the first move on my husband. It was a long shot to surprise him in person (we met via the internet) to meet him for the first time, but it was worth every sleepless night, the knot in my stomach and the fear and worry. It all worked out and I'm so glad I made the first move! Which is something I never did in the past.

    The last time I asked a boy out was in 7th grade... he said no all three times... sort of scared me from ever asking again - but Mike (hubby) was different... it took me so many years to work up the courage to go for what I wanted. Thankfully I made the first move but made him chase me the rest of our courtship.

  10. I just love this post. Love it.

  11. Love this post Leslie. I'm sending the link to my 20 year old sister. If I can't talk some sense into her, maybe your words can ;)

  12. I just MIGHT have to swipe this idea. I love it! Life is too short not to live it up ALL of the time :) XO

  13. love that last story! So special! You are too adorable!

  14. Those are great Leslie!!
    Life is too short to regret anything that happens. The way I look at it - anything I have done has made me into the person I am right here and now. I could go ahead and regret it - but if that didn't happen, would I be RIGHT HERE in the amazing place I am right now? Probably not! Love this post :)

  15. I love this post. I can relate on so many levels! I too, was brought up Baptist and my husband Catholic. I did convert so that we could bring our children up under one religion. They have attended Catholic school all the way through and it has been wonderful. But I have always felt the Methodist church is a good middle of the road compromise....maybe one day! As for rowdy nights in college, going blonde, spending the money on shoes and travel...and eating that frosted cookie....yes to every single one of these!!!
    Thanks a million for sharing this heartfelt post today, I loved it.

  16. Such a fun post! It's soooo true too... live your life to the fullest. :)

  17. 12 hours trapped on the interstate with someone proves it is true love :) loved this post. so cute.


  18. Great post! I too got out of a bad relationship in my mid 20's. Best thing I ever did 'cause like you now I have my soul mate. And I totally skipped out on cleaning over the weekend in favor of cuddling up on the couch with the husband.

  19. What an awesome post I'm loving this idea. Might need to do one of my own someday and link it back to you! I especially love the ones about living life when pure young and starting over at (gasp) 24. Because I'm 23 and still kissing boys and not settling down!

  20. Right there with ya, on all of it! I accepted a low paying job in a town I'd never been to before, and I didn't know a soul. It was a rough two years, with many ups and downs (and many rowdy nights!)but I definitely don't regret any of it, especially since I believe every choice I made led me to my fiance.

  21. I hope you don't mind that I loved this post so much that I did one of my own! :) (http://lovedandlovely.blogspot.com/2012/11/things-i-dont-regret.html)

    Love, love, love this!

  22. Love this, Leslie! Especially the story about being stuck on the interstate and falling in love. :)


  23. Amazing post!! I'm going to do this on my blog! Fab idea XX

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  24. Super cute blog post! I am visiting from Ryan's blog at Loved and Lovely and she linked back to yours. I love this post and feel the same about the holiday season... very reflective time for me. I am going to start thinking on a post like this!

    Ps. your photo shoot pics are so beautiful!!!!

  25. What a beautiful post, and I couldn't agree more! Also - the Christmas card photos are great!


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