Five Things

It’s Thursday and therefore, we’ll talk a little bit of randomness. It seems this is the running theme of the week. I’ve never been one to just throw up a few pretty pics and call it a day though. So here are some words for ya:

1. You already know how I feel about Bath & Body Works’ candles, but have y’all tried the Twinkling Night scent? It’s heavenly. I’m not sure how I’d describe it, but it’s subtle and sweet and reminiscent of winter.
2. Tess and the pretty ladies at Savoir-Faire announced they’ll be taking Instagram requests from customers with styling questions! Have an event to attend and aren’t sure what to wear? Need a birthday gift for a hard-to-please fashionista? Simply send SF an email {stylist@shopsavoir.com} or post a photo on instagram with your inquiry.  With Instagram, be sure to tag them {@shopsavoirfaire} then hash tag #SFSTYLIST.  

Via ShopSavoirFaire.com
3. Whitney Port is visiting the U of A campus here in Fayetteville tomorrow evening. I’m going with a couple of my girlfriends, so here’s hoping we can get a photo for the blog!

4. I’m sort of obsessed with this top from Forever 21. I love the studs and the muted color. 

Ignore messy hair...let's focus on the blouse. (Sidenote: Anyone else start the day with nicely styled hair and then, when stressful projects come up, toss your hair up? No? Just me?)

On this girl...

5. I have officially become a Target dollar-aisle hoarder. It's so bad, but SO GOOD. For instance, last night Stephen and I went to our Super Target to get some Christmas shopping done for our kiddos we "adopted" from the Angel Tree at church. I wanted to get some stocking-stuffer items in addition to the gifts and BOY did we ever find some stuff! Even Stephen got his dollar-aisle swagger 'on' and was grabbing things left and right. 

Four mini princess tubes of  lip gloss, six yo-yos, two Cars coloring books, one pair of massive sunglasses, two sparkle headbands and seven glitter purses later, we were out of the of the dollar-aisle and stocked up on stuffers.

Oh and a Christmas doggie collar for Rubes and a doggie scarf for Ari. For $2.50. $2.50. Practically free.

Tell me five things...any five things. 

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. 1- I finally! caught up on sleep last night after staying up way too late for election results. 6 p.m. bedtime? Yes!

    2- I reached out to a coworker today to learn more about what she does because secretly, I want her job (or a similar one) someday.

    3-I'm trying a really fast no-time bread recipe from the Kitchn tonight. I'm nervous about microwaving bread but we'll see.

    4- I am slumming today, wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work. My house is currently a mess and I just didn't have time to pick out something cute. Plus it's dang comfy!

    5- I have a fantastic lunch with my beau at a park not far from my work. Beautiful weather and a visit from him always makes me smile.

  2. I just bought that candle it is the best isn't it? Love that smell. xx

  3. 1. I've had so much coffee today that I refuse to confess exactly how much. Because its embarrassing.

    2. Car dancing to Taylor Swift is my new favorite thing. Or maybe paying with my Starbucks app on my phone is. One of those two is my new favorite thing.

    3. My puppy is precious. Just wanted to brag. :)

    4. I've got a list of holiday DIY projects a mile long.

    5. I too am a Target Dollar Aisle Hoarder. Maybe we should start a support group. It's the tiny little notebooks and seasonal-themed tissues that suck me in.

  4. I bet that candle smells amazing! xo


  5. 1. I love those candles!! Yum
    2. I have never made a pumpkin pie but I am going to try and take it for TG at the inlaws:)
    3. 4:52 PM almost 5:00 WOOT
    4. Love your blog!
    5. I bought 3 pairs of shoes in one day, on Monday!

  6. You are always so cute! The candle from B&bw looks heavenly! Enjoy seeing Whitney, and report back on how it was! Have a wonderful evening!

  7. I'll comment on your 5:
    1. I am obsessed with candles. Circle E Candles in Bird of Paradise is THE best!
    2. Whitney is too cute! Hope you get a pic!
    3. My hair is ALWAYS up by the end of the day. But it usually doesn't start as cute as yours either...
    4. I adore Target, but the store that I have the least amount of self control is Hobby Lobby.
    5. I discovered Birchboxes today! Have you seen these? Look them up, you won't be disappointed.

  8. 1. i seriously just lurve this blog. love the style pics and your commentary. :)
    2. i am taking 210 middle-schoolers to epcot tomorrow and i am just ever so slightly freaking out. (and i have to be AWAKE at FOUR AM to do my hair!!!) ok... more than slightly.
    3. i, too, LOVE me some target. i bought 3 pairs of capris on the 75% off rack and *hemmed them into shorts! go me! (it's florida - i can wear shorts year round.) *my mom got me a sewing machine and i'm just going nutty.
    4. i had to break it to my family that i am only making three pies to take for thanksgiving this year. no more of this "everyone gets their favorite" nonsense. pie never belongs in the garbage disposal. like, ever.
    5. have you ever used bag balm? it sounds so gross, but my father-in-law busted out a tin of it one day and it is just SO CUTE! so, of course i bought one and it is AMAZING. i slather my elbows, knees, feet, and hands in it every night.


  9. so jealous! I loved Whitney! :)

  10. Love random blog posts! I'm so jealous you get to go see Whitney! And there is NOTHING better than doing angel tree gifts. It might be my favorite part of Christmas!


  11. 1. i just got an iphone...a little late to the party, but it's changing my life. i can't believe it took me so long.
    2. i'm getting my first ever perm in 3 weeks and i cannot wait. curls curls curls!
    3. i have never commented on your blog but have been reading forever.
    4. i bought that exact same shirt from f21!
    5. i sprained my wrist and have a brace on my right wrist but that isnt stopping me from broswing the internet!!

  12. I love bath & body candles. They are great but I also love yankee candles they are my favorite.

  13. oooh I hope you get to meet Whitney that would be so awesome!

    Great, another Christmas candle that will steal my heart! My only issue with the Bath and Body three wick candles is that they burn so quickly. I've gone through a whole big one in less than 2 weeks from burning them daily. But man do they smell amazing!

  14. Love your blog-- i am a new follower!


  15. I can never make a trip to target Without going to the dollar aisle! I seriously spend at least ten minutes in that section to make sure I didnt miss a thing!



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