Our Thanksgiving in Photos

Considering the craziness that usually surrounds most holidays, our Thanksgiving was surprisingly, pleasantly devoid of crazy. We joined Stephen's army-sized family in Fort Smith on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day. And this stuff happened:

Miss Ruby Dale thoroughly enjoyed celebrating her first Thanksgiving.

Favorite new plaid shirt from Savoir-Faire; favorite man courtesy of the Good Lord

Stephen's siblings: Nick, Sarah, Stephen, Greg and Stephanie

Sarah and her precious daughter (our niece) Ava

I married into a ginormous Italian family...and this is only a few of them!

Reed and Ava, our adorable nephew and niece (Sarah's kiddos)

This makes us laugh; Ava and Reed are always ready for a photo opp. Luke (other nephew on the right) is ALWAYS getting side-tracked. Hilarious.

I had ta get a pic with my favorite four-year-old. Had ta!

Stephen and Ari, our other big fur baby. This pup was in hog heaven...literally. Ari's grandpa Jeff had just given him a pork bone.

The cutest little Playschool car driver this side of the Mississippi.We should ALL live with this much joy. 

Luke, our other sweet nephew, (Greg's kiddo). We laughed and laughed at his little protruding tummy, which came as a result of eating approximately 16 lbs. of pie and cookies. Presh, I tell you.

Friday, my parents drove up to Northwest Arkansas from Heber Springs. Mom and I tore up the Promenade (our outdoor shopping center), while Stephen, Dad and Matthew (my little brother) watched football.We had a blast, (and so did our debit cards!)

What did your Thanksgiving look like? Lots of family and food? Some Black Friday shopping, perhaps?

P.S.- I also tried a red lipstick on Thanksgiving and loved it! It's Loreal's Color Riche lipstick in Plum Explosion. Not purple-ish or plum-esque at all. It's a bold, cool-toned red, which works for fair skin tones better than a coral or orange-based red.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You are SO pretty!!!! Love your flannel. Happy to hear you had a wonderful Holiday!!



  2. Looks like you had a super fab holiday! And I MUST try that red lipstick!

  3. I LOVE this recap :) And yes, you did marry into a big family hey?! That's so great. Wonderful pictures. And I *wish* I could pull off lip stick. I don't think it's happening in this lifetime :(

  4. Looks like a fabulous time :) That Ava is adorable :) Thanks for sharing the color of lipstick you wore !!! Fabulous color !

  5. Beautiful pics! I never do end up with a group shot of my family. Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

  6. Of course I love your outfit! Ari is gorgeous! I am looking for a German Shepherd pup.

  7. looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  8. Looks like a blast, Leslie! It's great visiting with the fam during the holidays. Love the red lip color too! :)

  9. I NEED your shoes. Where are they from?!

  10. awww what a cute pup! I have a little doxie too and she's my favorite! : )


  11. you and that hubby of yours look darling!!! such a fun thanksgiving with family ;)


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