Fall Fever

I've got a case of Fall Fever and I don't think it's going away any time soon! I just wanna make a big pot of chili and turn on a Razorbacks game!

So I've been looking online for even more fall decorations and have found so many cute things.

*I should note, I'm a non-married, bill-paying, full-time working woman, so my budget doesn't really allow for tons of frivolous seasonal home decor...oh but if I could buy all of the things I've found, man would my apartment look like a model for a Pottery Barn store, ha!

And speaking of "The Barn", check out this adorable galvanized metal serving stand:

Our friends at Pottery Barn never let us down and this time is no different.

I also LOVE these decorative straw pumpkins.

So pretty and festive! But at $50-$70 for a pumpkin, I think I'll have to pass. Hmmmm, wonder if Hobby Lobby might have a cheaper version?

Very minimalist, but oh-so-stylin' are these branch curtain tie backs. From the good folks at Urban Outfitters, come these inexpensive tie-backs, just in time for Fall.

Not really Fall-specific, but I really dig this clean, vintage storage bench. I can just picture it with a burnt orange, dark red or chocolate colored throw draped over it...

So bring on the chili and college football...I'm ready!


  1. Oh wow what wonderful pics! I would for sure check out the local craft store as my local store had those pumpkins very cheap(michaels and joanns).. ouch 50-70!! I just LOVE those tie backs... not im missing fall even more!!

  2. I am SO ready for fall as well - bring on the layers, boots and crisp evening walks!! (Although fall is not the same in Georgia as it was in Connecticut growing up - what's it like in Arkansas?)

  3. Fall in Arkansas is probably really comparable to Georgia...around mid fifties during the day and maybe high forties at night (and that's during November!)

    The leaves usually turn around late September though and it's beautiful!


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