Have You Laughed Today?

Because you will have after you take a look at this blog.

It's called "Handmade Gone Wrong" and it is a blog dedicated solely to the mockery of...well...handmade gifts gone wrong. Now we all know there is nothing more poignant and endearing than a handmade gift, (crocheted tissue boxes, anyone??), but "Handmade Gone Wrong" takes it to a whole other level. Here are a few of my favorite handmade disasters from their website:

1. Remember the stunning padded, lacy wedding albums from the 1980's?

They were ALL the rage. So throw on your white sport coat, pull out your Chicago cassette tapes and hop in your DeLorean...we're going back to the 80's kids!

2. I think today I'll wear.....

my crocheted hamburger outfit!

Really, there are no words.

3. Ummm...foot gloves.....

Don't you hate it when only the balls of your feet get cold? Problem solved.

4. For all you deer hunters out there...here's a stunning sea-foam green deer with daisy eyes, just for you! Things like this just leave me asking....WHY??

There are so many more items that are equally hilarious and utterly awful on "Handmade Gone Wrong", so check it out and let me know what you think.

So what's the worst handmade gift you ever received? What's the worst handmade gift you've been guilty of giving? Let me hear your stories!

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