Year of the Sweet Potato Queens

Ok, I first need to explain the title of this post : )
There are 44 new members (yay!) in the Junior League of NWA for 2009-2010. Each year, the new member class is divided into 4 groups of ladies. My group is the Green Group and we so-very-aptly named ourselves the "Sweet Potato Queens", after the fiesty ladies in the best selling book. Clear as mud?

Here are (as promised) LOTS of pics from the retreat.
Beginning our night at Christy's house with a yummy dinner, scavenger hunt and video.

The Green, Blue, Purple and Red Tables. Naturally, Green was the cutest ; )

Photos from the Scavenger Hunt! I'm wearing the orange top. The 3rd pic down is of our "Glory Run", right after we found the last item on our list, ha! Of course The Sweet Potato Queens won.

These pics are from Saturday's work day at the "That's My Bag" storage shed. We spent the day cleaning out the storage facility and stuffing bags for needy/displaced children in Northwest Arkansas. It was overwhelmingly rewarding to know all that sweat was going to a good cause.

Here are our 4 wonderful team leaders: Stephanie, Cara, Shay and Christal.

Beautiful "Sweet Potato Queen/Green Team" photo

And beautiful blue, purple and red photos too!

Our amazing President, Mrs. Kamron Whitehead

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! I am (or am trying to be reinstated in) Junior League, so I hope to see you at a meeting this fall!


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