Sweet 15

This weekend I had the privilege of attending my first Quince for my friend Eunice's daughter, A.J. The Quince is a very important milestone in a girl's life in Hispanic culture and it was so neat to be able to see this ceremony first-hand.

Let me first say, the ceremony's decorations topped those of many weddings I've been to. The had the celebration in a local church and transformed their fellowship hall into a grand ballroom. No joke! Crimson and Ivory decorations and warm candlelight filled the room, along with the sounds of AJ's beautiful voice and guitar. A.J. (the birthday girl) sings and plays guitar, so the ceremony was like a little mini-concert! Such a treat!

A.J. is such an amazing singer and I really do think someday she'll be famous : )

A.J. performed 6 or 7 songs for us, along with her accompanying band of a bass player, drummer and keyboardist. Our party favors were a professionally produced, (even shrink-wrapped), first CD, appropriately titled, "AJ" I didn't open it though to listen to it yet, because the packaging was so pretty!

As you can see, I'm not wearing the little fushia dress in the picture below that you guys voted on, not becasue I didn't want it, (I DID, I DID), but I waited too long to order it online and they didn't have it in the store. I'm such a procrastinator, really, it's bad ya'll!

But don't worry, I'm still ordering it, so I'll wear it on another occasion.

Instead, I wore something I've had for 2 years (no lie) that also came from Francesca's. I had bought it as a "goal dress" when I was in college and desperately trying to work off the freshman pounds that took my sophomore-senior years to lose. Funny how now that I'm 24, I just slid right in to it ; )

Here's me!

The Quince venue...just beautiful!

A.J.'s opening number! Such a talented girl, that A.J. Too bad the photographer who took this picture was not as equally talented ; )

Me and the girls posed for an impromptu "feet" picture...don't ask why, we're just silly like that!

It was a great weekend and I feel like I really got a insight into an important Hispanic tradition. Hope all of your weekends were a hit too!

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  1. How fun!! You were not kidding.. those decorations are almost better than the ones I had for my wedding!! How beautiful! Love the shoe shot ha ha.


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