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Fall is just around the corner and I'm so excited! Fall is my favorite season, mostly because it's not hot, the humidity is gone (yay for good hair days) and Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte!

I always kind of decorate my apartment for Fall and Winter, just because I think if there's one time of the year you're allowed to go crazy with decor, Fall is the time.

I'm currently scoping out the internet for cool and cute Halloween decorations. Here are some of my fave finds so far:

I love this wreath from etsy.com. It's called the "Chinese Lantern" and I think the design is really cool. It's a little more contemporary than the usual seasonal wreaths, which I love.

These napkin rings, also from etsy.com, are kitschy, but fun. They are these over-size rings with cool black vintage crowns on them. I don't love the napkins they put them with, but with some plain black or black and white checkered napkins, I think they'd be totally cute in a Tim Burton-meets-Queen Elizabeth kind of way.

This may be the cutest Halloween bucket I've ever seen. I don't have children, but if I had a little girl, she'd be carrying this for Trick-or-Treating.

I found these nifty little tea candle holders and immediately fell in love. It's kind of an understated Halloween look.

In other news, last night was my very first Junior League New Member meeting, and I loved it! I think this year will be so fun (but really busy!) Our first project is to make scrapbooks for the Children's Shelter in NWA. Love having a few nights of the month to spend time with my amazing new friends!

Also, last week my mom and dad became foster parents of a cute little weenie dog. He wandered up to the business office of some of my parents' friends, the Logans. The Logans called my parents because they thought it was our own little dog, Max.

They look so much alike, it's crazy!

Pictured above is Rex. On my side nav at the top, you'll see a pic of Max. Don't they look alike??

I think it's so sad that people would abandon such a cutie like this lil' guy. But luckily, my parents found a loving home for him with a family that lives up the road from them. His new adoptive family, the Hughes, named him Rex and my mom said he's doing well at his new home. Apparently he hasn't even had any accidents in the house and loves to cuddle. So yay for Rex!

Ok, well I hope you have a great evening and fantastic Wednesday. Just think, we're one day closer to the weekend : )


  1. I also love fall mainly because of all the decorations. I think the napkin rings that you like are made with a checkers piece. They are super cute and would propbably be very easy to make.

  2. Fall is one of my favorites as well! I love to decorate around the home with all of that autumn stuff. Great ideas posted here! :)


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