I Got a Bumpit

Let me first say that I've actually never ordered anything after seeing an infomercial. The only time I ever really see infomercials is if I'm having trouble sleeping or up with a stomach virus. But after viewing the infomercial for the Bumpit last week, I had to try it for myself.

If there's one thing that touches my sweet, southern heart, it's teased hair and a poofy ponytail. Plus, it just looked so easy! As I was watching the infomercial, I got this funny mental picture of all these southern women frantically dialing in to get their own Bumpit and FREE GIFT with purchase. Ha!

So I did it. I got a Bumpit. And the verdict??

Loves it!

The package I got came with 1 Hollywood Bumpit, 2 regular Bumpits and 2 mini Bumpits (to "bump" your bangs).

The Hollywood Bumpit is for serious bumpers only. The mound of hair this created on the crown of my head was a bit alarming. I felt a little Audrey Hepburn and a lot old-school Pricilla Presley. This one is probably best used for costumes or if you are participating in a community theatre production of "Steel Magnolias".

The regular Bumpit though, was to die for! It created the perfect little "poof" of volume on my crown and really did just kind of disappear when I put it on (just like they say in the infomercial.) The only drawback is the comfort level; you absolutely cannot lay down with one of these in. The little teeth things that hold it in place kind of dig in to your scalp (ouch!)
You can order your Bumpit online here or (hint, hint) get yours at Walmart. The one in Bentonville is carrying them now : )

I also kept getting this funny voiceover in my head of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, "I'm going to Bump you up."

Yes, I know I'm a nerd.


  1. I have been wondering how those things would work!! Good to know they were not a flop. I might give them a try my next Walmart trip. I saw them on the infomercial and thought.. hmm.. I dont know if it will stay in place. Thanks for the review! hasta la vista baby ha ha ~Vanessa :) http://craftycreative.blogspot.com P.S Thanks so much for following my blog!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! By the way, LOVE your blog!


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