Rain, Rain Go Away

It's raining today and my hair is not happy. I woke up this morning to, (what I thought), was the roof being torn off my apartment. Alas, it was only a gigantic clap of thunder, but scary none-the-less. So I'm sporting the poofy ponytail today, the most rain-friendly, humidity-proof hairstyle I could think of.

It's all drizzly and nasty outside, which just makes me want to take a N-A-P! I think adults should get nap times too. In fact, it should be a madatory thing, like a lunch hour, in the corporate world. I'm in favor, what do you guys think?

So I'm having a dilemma girls. I DON"T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR!!!!!

I've been invited to attend my friend Eunice's daughter's 15th birthday party called a Quincenera next Saturday. This is a traditional Hispanic birthday celebration that's kind of like the American celebration of a Sweet 16. I'm so thrilled to be participating in such an important event in her daughter's life, but I am so bored with my wardrobe right now.

Here are some pics and links to a few frocks I found online that I love. So here goes, I need feedback from you lovely ladies. Which one do ya'll like? (Just click on the pic to see a better view on the vendor's websites.)

Contender #1- Francesca's Collections

Contender #2- Francesca's Collections

Contender #3- Francesca's Collections

Contender #4- Dillard's


  1. I like #3 the best and Peyton (my 8 year old) likes #2.

  2. oooh its so hard!! I LOVE 1 but then I love the pop of color in 2!! NO matter what they are all wonderful dresses :D

  3. They are ALL so pretty. Whichever one you choose will look great on you :)

  4. I like #2, but I'm also partial to purple.

    Stopping by from SITS

  5. Don't you just love Francesca's? I vote for #2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Hi Leslie!!

    Thanks for stopping!! It looks like we have something in common (and I don't mean being the center of a certain type of joke!!) LOL!! BTW, I voted for you to keep your hair blonde because I could not find a pic of you brown!! As for the dress, I like #1. Very elegant but stylish. You are going to be the adult here!! The rest are perfect for when you are just being yourself!! ;-)



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