Show Us Your Life- Fave Vacation Spot Edition

Kelly's Korner is hosting their weekly Show Us Your Life blog hop, which this week will feature readers' Favorite Vacation Spots. This is my first time participating in SUYL, and I'm excited!

Basically, all of Europe qualifies as my favorite get-away spot. I was blessed to be able to go visit Drew in Austria while he was studying abroad in college. So at Thanksgiving break, I took an 11 day adventure across Europe with him as my college graduation present from my parents. So enjoy some pics below! I loved every moment of traveling around by plane and train and enjoying some of the most magnificent sights in the world.

Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy

St. Mark's in Venice, Italy

Tasting real Italian gelato in Venice

Vienna, Austria: Cold, icy and absolutely beautiful. This was the day I arrived and wanted to look cute for Drew, since I hadn't seen him in about 3 months. So I wore really dainty flats with my dark jeans and fitted black shirt with matching pea coat and coordinating scarf. Ever the slave to fashion, I'd rather risk freezing to death than look frumpy.
Little did I know that it had snowed the night before and I had to trudge around the whole day in little slippers, Ha! I think it took me a whole night to warm my feet up : )
But a beautiful place it was...and I was with a great guy, so the frost-bitten feet were worth it.

My fave places included Florence, Rome, Venice and Vienna, but I'd love to see yours too. Visit Kelly's Korner and participate in the hop or just check out other reader's blog postings!


  1. My husband and I took a 3 week trip through Europe a few years ago and spent some time in some of the same places you've pictured. I loved Italy and especially the gellato! Pistacio and nutella were my favorite flavors! YUM!

  2. The Nutella gellato was especially to die for! I'd love to go back. Thanks for visiting my blog Kama!

  3. This is a place I want to visit.....thanks for sharing your trip....

  4. I want to go to Italy! :) Your trip looked amazing, thanks for sharing the pictures :)


  5. I just found your blog and it's so funny that I did... I JUST posted my pics from my trip to Rome last weekend! I loved it SO much.
    I'm excited to be a regular reader of your blog!

  6. Legally Fabulous, I'm so glad you stopped by! I LOVE your name, so very Elle Woods! Haha! Can't wait to look at your pics, too!


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