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Happy Monday, guys! It's snowing already here in Northwest Arkansas this morning, so I can only imagine what's to come this afternoon. According to our local news, we're expected to receive up to 8 inches by 5:00 p.m. Ya know, my cute high heels are getting really tired of sitting in my closet...can't spring just get here already?!

Ok, well hopefully the following items will help put us all in the mood for warmer weather. Elle Decor is featuring a spread in their March 2010 issue about the Arts and Crafts trend in fashion/home decor/lifestyle items.

These aren't your popsicle stick photo frames from summer camp, though. This trend takes arts and crafts to a high-fashion level. In the words of Burger King, "I'm loving it."

Doesn't this Prada frock just make you want to grab a glue gun and a Bedazzler? Yeah, me neither. But it does make me want to scour the web for a great knock-off of this cute little dress!

Printed silk viscose dress by Prada

As usual, our friends over at LuLu's have some terrific options for this trend. So wearable and so utterly affordable! Oh, and don't forget that all Blonde Ambitioners get 15% off everything from LuLu's this month! Just type in promo code BLONDE at checkout!!

Wonderful World dress by LuLu's

Apple of My Eye dress by LuLu's

I personally am loving the cool use of textiles and prints that home decor stores like Wild & Wolf, Target and Osburne & Little are using.

Honeysuckle blend linen tablecloth by Osburne & Little; Annie thermos by Wild & Wolf Teal peacock coffee cup by Target; Kennet alarm clock by Wild & Wolf

And natch, when we talk about Arts and Crafts, Urban Outfitters is one of the first stores that comes to mind. The dress, pillow and rug below are perfection.

Nettie Floral Dress by Urban Outfitters

Basket Weave round pillow by Urban Outfitters

Spin art rug by Urban Outfitters

So channel your inner Martha Stewart and get crafty! Er, um, just shop for crafty-looking things. Either way...

P.S.- I just had to show you guys my new shoes that I'm wearing today...they aren't the most comfortable things on Earth, but I do feel pretty cute wearing them ; ) Baker's for $30, ya'll!

P.P.S.- I'll have a new blog button up tomorrow morning, so be sure to grab it! Thanks Danielle!!

Photo credits: Elle Decor, Urban Outfitters, LuLu's


  1. Aww, I LOVE that dress from Urban Outfitters, sooo cute! And those heels are to die for :-D They look kind of velvet-y? Love the gray too!

  2. your shoes are adorable! love them!
    also, all the dress are too cute! i need some flowery dresses for spring/summer!!
    hope you had a great weekned!

  3. O.K. girly I just love your shoes Adorable.... I wish spring would hurry up and get here too! Thanks for your sweet comment on my bloggy blog!! I love making new bloggy friends....so fun!

    We have like 5 inches of snow....but now it is like slushy messy icy stuff! Hope you don't get as much as my BIL did....They live in the DC area and have 4 ft of snow....they are saying funny stuff like snOMG and snOMEGGEDON....
    Anywho....I am now a follower
    Summer :0)

  4. I love your new shoes - so cute!! I wish Spring would be here already too even though I can't complain with the weather as much being in CA. Stay warm with all of your snow!

    I love the Urban Outfitters rug, so adorable and great dresses at Lulu's!

    Thanks for all of the running encouragement Leslie. :) Will be sure to pick up your new button, yay!

  5. those shoes (and that dress from urban outfitters) are so adorable!

    i also heart martha stewart...she and i go waaaay back. :)

  6. Ah I Love the shoes nad those dresses are so cute..

  7. i heard about the crazy snow storm in your alley. im from california and we're getting hit again tomorrow with rain, sometimes i wish we had more snow than rain though. anywhoot bundle up and keep warm

    that prada dress is sweet, love the print and colors. lulu*s are just as sweeter and affordably nice. what a cool looking alarm clock. loving the nettie dress and round pillow from urban.

    your shoes are soooo cute.

    thanks for sharing.


  8. Those are all such pretty patterns. I really like the red dress, but I probably need to lose more weight before wearing stuff like that. (at least i think so)
    great shoes btw

  9. I was in Anthropologie to grab a dress I've been dying to have today...and they had similar prints to the silk Prada dress you like! check them out! happy monday!

  10. The things I'd do for the Prada dress ...

    And your shoes are too cute!

  11. Those are super cute shoes!!! :)
    I love that red and white off the shoulder dress too... gorgeous.
    And I agree, I am over winter already.

  12. Leslie-I want those shoes soooooooooo bad!!!!

  13. So I love that strapless dress from Lulu's and that dress from Urban outfitters!! They are both gorgeous!

  14. okay- i wish i had every outfit in those pics-but i don't so now i am sad! ha! I need to go shopping pronto after reading your blog! Left you something over at my blog so retreive it when you get a chance! love ya

  15. Hey girlie! You won the Benefit Cosmetics giveaway! Email me @ beckylbranch@gmail.com with your address so I can mail it to ya!


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