Trend Watch Wednesday: Short Story

Hellooooooo there. So glad you stopped by for this, another smashing edition of Trend Watch Wednesday! For the record, I'm glad you stop by everyday...it makes this blonde feel all warm and snuggly to read your sweet and hilarious comments and emails : )

Now, I know it's not exactly balmy outside and I know that some of us are still dealing with the delights of winter weather phenomena like "freezing drizzle" and "freezing fog". But that doesn't mean that we Blonde Ambitioners can't prepare for warmer weather in advance.

So, instead of wanting to punch that hater Punxsutawney Phil in his cute, furry face, let's all just look at this additional 6 weeks of winter weather as extra time to score a fantabulous spring wardrobe.

....starting with shorts.

You might want to go ahead and cash in that gift card to your local fitness center A.S.A.P. because ladies, the shorts this spring are short.

But, ohhhhhhhh they make me excited!

My faves so far are these from Gap, which I found last night online. I'm loving how they created a really cool, rustic look with the suede ankle boots, too.

For dressier shorts, designer Vanessa Bruno has done it right. These two looks would be perfect for a fun night out with the girls or a date with your main squeeze.

Of course our friends at J.Crew never disappoint, either. Model Erin Wasson shows off some of the seasons best short-shorts for their Spring 2010 online catalog.

F.Y.I.-Gucci does shorts, too. These would probably cost 2 months of rent, but they're fab, nonetheless.

Remember the skort? Oh yeah, it's back, too. Hermes said so.

Alright so, more big news today! Get excited.

Remember that post a few weeks ago about Spool No. 72? Well, Spool's Creative Director will be doing an exclusive fashion Q & A for a blog posting with yours truly and, the best part, you guys can ask the questions!

Got any burning questions about spring trends? Need some advice on what accessories you should buy for this season or if last year's tote bag is still "in"? Submit your questions in the comments field below OR email me at askblondeambition@gmail.com. I'll be compiling questions submitted from you guys to give to Spool and we'll hear all the answers directly from the pros themselves in an exclusive post here!

So ask away! Can't wait to read your fashion questions!
Friday's Forecast:
It's all about beauty, ladies! We'll be participating in Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner and talking about our fave beauty products.


  1. shorts and heels are awesome, I see this more and more when I go out at night! I agree, the suede boots with the denim shorts from Gap looks hot!

  2. I love the entire Gucci outfit!! Oh how I wish I could afford it!!

  3. The first picture is SO pretty! I love the soft light, the striped blazer and polka-dotted shorts ♥ !

  4. Seeing all of the spring fashions out is pretty exciting...now if only the weather would hurry up and cooperate so we could actually wear some of them!

  5. Here's my question ... Purses - big or small? I read somewhere big was out? Say it isn't so!!

  6. Love the shorts! Makes me wish for warmer weather.

  7. Shorts are fun but I am still in the mood for Capris...do you think they will still be trendy this season? Also, can you still get away with wearing leggings this Spring and Summer? Maybe the shorter ones would work better.

  8. Lovee shorts, the Gucci ones! Ahhh

  9. LOVE that yellow skirt...very cute!!


  10. I love a classy pair of cute shorts! Not tooo long, not toooo short!

  11. Oh you make me wish Spring was here!

  12. Oh I love the shorts! So cute! Although, they definitely make me want to get to the gym some more before Spring hits! Ha! xoxo

  13. what great looks!! SO EXCITING!! Have a great weekend!


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