The Return of Cravings Corner

Hey ya'll! Guess what? We got practically no snow, so I don't have to preface today's post with a weather complaint. I knew you'd be glad : )

I haven't done a Cravings Corner in forever, so I thought it was about darn time to do a post. Here are a few things that I would love to have in my life right now:

This looks SO heavenly! Divine. Scrumptious. Delectable. There really aren't enough words to describe the beauty of this cake.

In fact, I'm not even sure it's cake; I'd actually consider it a work of art. You can even get the recipe here.

Oh, I die.

2. A Wall of Chanel Products

I came across this photo on {this is glamorous} the other day and it made me want to run out and buy a bunch of Chanel and put it on display. I love the shelves and the way everything is showcased like at a store. I'm pretty sure a nice organized bathroom like this one would make my life complete.

3. Girl Time

I'm ready for a night out with the girls! Lucky for me, this evening is Jr. League night, so I'll get a chance to see my fave ladies and share some wine and gossip. So ready...

4. A Turquoise Chandelier

One of my new blogger friends Ludmila, from Creamy Life, posted about House of Turquoise the other day. I just had to check it out for myself, as I'm a big fan of anything/everything turquoise. H.O.T. (cute acronym, huh?) is a blog totally dedicated to the color turquoise. Love it! I'll take either one of these fantabulous chandeliers, please.

5. A Creamy, Dreamy Dress

I've really wanted to find the perfect flesh toned dress for awhile now, but just haven't found one that spoke to me. Until now. This dress did and she said, "Buy me, Leslie!"

It's by Paul & Joe Sister and it's fab-tastic.I don't know where in the world I would wear this, but with a dress like this, I'd find a place. And really, do we girls really need an excuse to get dolled up? I think not.

So that's that. A few things I'm craving this week. What's on your list? Maybe the new Kenneth Jay Lane pearl earrings? A rich cup of hot cocoa? Bradley Cooper?

Tomorrow's Forecast:
Trend Watch Wednesday, ladies!

Photo credits: Bakerella, House of Turquoise, {this is glamorous}, Net-A-Porter


  1. Ohhhhh Peach Crunch cake...I am fighting the urge to jump in my car and go get the ingredients before the snow hits...

  2. Where to start with all this gorgeousness?! Ahh- that dessert looks amazing and that cream dress is beyond.beyond!!! Love everything lady! xoxo

  3. Forget the crunch cake (although it looks YUM!)... I am drooling over that wall of Chanel!! Love your blog - instant fav :)

  4. making the "work of art" soon!!! looks soooo scrumptions! and uh.get the dress..GET THE DRESS!!! and then tell us about how incredible it is so we can live through you in it!!! i love it!

  5. As always, this is fabulous! The only thing I'm craving right now is some sunshine and a new bikini! xoe

  6. good ol' cravings leslie. hope your time with the girls tonight is a whole lotta fun. love chandeliers too, loving them in turquoise as well.

    after being in the rain earlier today i am craving warm sock, rain boots and cute umbrellas.


  7. Oh Mi God!!! I WANT THAT CHANDELIER!!! Super cute!!


  8. wow. I agree, it makes me want to run to Nordstrom and buy their entire Chanel cosmetic line. There's something so satisfying about having your bathroom stocked with the little black and white "c's". The Paul and Joe Sister dress is amazing. You could wear that anywhere. beautiful. happy tuesday!

  9. Could it get any better than the wall of Chanel?? A girl can dream....

  10. I'm pretty sure you should've ended with the dessert, because after seeing that, I couldn't concentrate on anything else! :-)

  11. I LOVE that dress!! And I'm definietly in a "eat my feelings" mood.. haha.. so those desserts are awesome looking! :) YUMMMO! This weather isnt bad, but man..I need some warmth soon! Goodness! :) Ps.. I also HEART chandeliers. I havent found one I didnt somewhat like! ha!

  12. i definitely miss my girl time! and that peach thing from Bakerella (love her, btw) looks sooo good!

  13. Oh goodness I love some nice girl time and I just went to the Turquoise blog and I am so hooked, such beautiful turquoise pictures! Hope you have a great day sweetie!

  14. I saw Bakerella's post on that peach crunch cake and almost started drooling. It looks DELIGHTFUL!


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