Quite a Collection

Happy Friday, friends! I'm so glad the weekend is finally upon us. Maybe we'll all get a chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

My social media presentation at the University of Arkansas yesterday could not have gone better. It was so much fun to spend the morning talking about blogging, Facebook and Twitter with the students and getting to play "teacher" for the day, haha. I felt nervous at first, but as soon as I started speaking, the nerves went away and it was smooth sailing. I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future! Big thanks to Mr. Lawless and the Walton College of Business for being great hosts!

Today, I'm participating in "Show Us Your Life" over at Kelly's Korner and the topic is collections. Kelly has asked participants to talk about things they collect, which I think is such a fun topic. (Note: Kelly has decided to postpone this edition until next week, but I'm going to go ahead and keep this up, since she'll be talking about it soon anyway!)

I'm not a hardcore collector of any one thing really, mostly because my space is very limited in my apartment and I don't want to end up on that show Hoarders, haha. But there are a few things of which I own a WHOLE LOT:


Anyone who reads this blog knows about my love of scarves. They are fashion's most perfect accessory and have the ability to change the entire look of an outfit. Plus, they are usually pretty inexpensive, which is always appreciated by a fashionista on a budget! I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ scarves and my collection is ever-growing.

Cocktail Jewelry

I'm a sucker for a big, baubbly cocktail ring or chunky bracelet. I have a great-aunt who has the most amazing collection of costume/cocktail jewelry and I think I've inherited her love for it. Costume jewelry is also usually pretty cheap and can be found at most vintage stores, if you love to shop second-hand, like moi.

Throw pillows

My couch and bed are overrun with toss pillows. In fact, I'd say I'm on the verge of having too many. Throw pillows are definitely a quick way to update a room or the look of a piece of furniture though, so this is usually the first item I buy when I'm trying to freshen up a space. My stores of choice for fabulous throw pillows: Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby.

Fun sunglasses

This is probably one of the most random things I collect, but I love fun sunglasses. In the summer, I can't wait to bust out my Elton John-inspired shades to wear to the pool. I also like the fact that the huge 60's style sunglasses are in style again, as well. Channel your inner Bridget Bardot and sport some huge specs this spring!


Call me Carrie Bradshaw. I've never met a pair of stillettos or sleek pair of ballet flats I didn't love. I think a good pair of shoes is one of the wiser wardrobe investments, so I try to always purchase classic styles and colors that will be wearable for many seasons. If I'm buying a super-trendy shoe, I look for sales or less-expensive brands. Zappos and Baker's are two of my favorite stores for of-the-moment shoes that don't break the bank. I don't own crazy amounts of shoes, but I am pretty proud of my tight little collection!

So what do you collect? I'd love to hear about the things that you can't seem to get enough of!

Have a fantastic weekend and hopefully I'll get a chance to visit some of your lovely blogs over the next two days! Blowing air kisses your way--

Photo credits: {this is glamorous}, {a glamorous little side project}, Coco + Kelley


  1. I have those heart glasses or ones just like them. My hubby always makes fun of me.

  2. My collection begins with coats and purses and I agree with the scarves.. I have a trunk full!!!

  3. I have alot of scarves and shoes too! You can never have enough in my opinion :)

    Just found your blog recently and its so cute. I actually have been reading Kelly's Korner blog as well after stumbling on it from another blog I read.


  4. You collect FASHION and STYLE!! No surprise there. Some good ideas of things to keep around and add to the house or wardrobe. I am not a collector of anything. I am space challenged and have been for quite some time. I also don't like clutter or having too many things but I'd be OK with the kind of things you collect. Oh, I have to say I love the high heeled open toed shoes and tan socks combo. I have always been one to put socks on with pumps or other shoes that a lot of people don't wear socks with because they make the shoe more comfortable. So, I like to see that I am not TOTALLY out of fashion. I just haven't quite figured out a way to make it look as good as it does in the magazine adds.

  5. You are so awesome girl!!! I love your collections! Have a great weekend!!!!

  6. I too have a love for vintage cocktail jewlry. I inherited some pieces from my great-grandmother and great aunt. It's so much fun!

  7. What a fun post. Would love to see photos of your collections.

    I recently started collecting scarves. I've been collecting shoes as of late, too.

    I really like cute coffee mugs. If I find one with a funny saying or cute design I buy it.

  8. Um- we basically collect the same exact things! I knew I loved you girl! Ha! I can never get enough of shoes, cocktail rings, handbags, etc. Hope you have a fabulous weekend lady XOXO

  9. i couldnt agree more about the scarves!! i have maybe too many...but i love it!!! :)

  10. I love those heart-shaped sunglasses. I'm not really a collector, but I can't pass up a great vintage slip!

  11. I love your collections! Most of my collections consist of fun and random jewelry, summer dresses, and lots of flip flops! I love the heart shaped glasses and cocktail rings.

  12. Good job on your speech!

    I can totally identify with collecting throw pillows! My secret obession is throw blankets though-I have waaaay too many to count!

  13. oooh I love all of those things!!!!! I LOVE boots.... I have about 6 pairs of black boots.... and more in other colors..I just love them!

  14. I share your passion for cocktail jewelry, especially cocktail rings, I can never have enough!
    Great post, have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Oh yes I'm all about heels, boots, any shoe! LOVE them:-) Need more closet space to hold all of them. Cute post, and Happy Friday to you too!

  16. I have more scarves then I know what to do with, but I want more, more, more!

  17. I love your collections! hope you're having a great weekend!

  18. your blog is so lovely!! I like this post so much!


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  20. i have an obsession with dresses! i have so many i dont know what to do with them but i will not ever get rid of them no matter how ugly some of them are!

  21. hi leslie...

    i hope you are having a fabulous weekend. love this post and it's images you used to show your collections. i won't say i am a collector, but maybe i am, he he. i love-love costume jewelry; coctail rings, bracelets, earrings, etc, etc.. then comes shoes and bags. can never have enought of each one of them.


  22. YAY on the presentation, girlie!!! And I love your collections!! :)

  23. Awesome blog you got :)

    First time visitor

  24. Throw pillows, what a fun thing to collect! I feel like I don't have enough space to collect anything right now, but maybe when I get a bigger space. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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