Project Runway and V-Day Goodness

Happy Friday! First thing's first, let's talk Project Runway, shall we?

Last night's winner was none other than the fabulous Anthony! It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on his stunning robin's egg blue dress. It was perfectly sewn and visually interesting, a winning combination in P.R. land.

Anthony's face was priceless when Heidi announced that he won. Love this man!

Poor Anna was sent home though. Her sad little shorts/vest/ blousy shirt combo was not enough to keep her on the catwalk for another week. I kind of felt bad for her, because she mis-sized the shorts for her model and ran out of time to fix them.

But anywho, let's talk about the weekend.
And it's not just any old weekend that's upon us...it's Valentine's Day.

Red and pink are both super-awesome colors and frankly, anything looks better covered in paper doilies. Other neat things about V-Day...

...everything is covered in chocolate. That's always a plus.

You can wear bright pink lipstick...

...or funky T-shirts with mazes and hearts

...or, ummmm, cover your face in pearls?? (that'd be Lady Gaga's version of Valentine's Day make-up, BTW)

You can play peek-a-boo behind a pair of warm, red mittens...

...create a really impressive-looking red centerpiece for your table...

...or paint an amoire in V-Day colors...

...buy yourself some pretty flowers...

...and bake heart-shaped everything.

I hope you have a chocolate-covered, cream-filled weekend.

Muah!! (that's the sound of me blowing you a kiss )



  1. I totally skipped this season of Project Runway and now I feel like I am missing out! That blue dress is just gorgeous! Have a great weekend love XOXO

  2. I missed this season of Project Runway too and I'm kinda bummed. I loved that blue dress!! I hope you have a fabulous lovey weekend!!

  3. I knew when his model came out that he was going to win!!! It was PERFECT. He is so funny, I love him. I felt really bad for Anna. I think that outfit could have been really cute and totally cover worthy. Oh well.
    I hope you have a great weekend!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  4. Thanks to my DVR, I watched his reaction three times! It was so cute, so genuine, and so HIM! I loved it! :)

  5. that dress is SOOOOOOOO beautiful!! and you never see that blue used so he pulled it off perfectly... ahhh! I love Tim and Heidi

  6. I loved that blue dress too! And I'm in love with Gaga's pearl ensemble, even on her face! It's so new and frighteningly pretty! Lovin it!!!

  7. yeah, anthony!! i love him too.

    i can't wait to bake valentine's cupcakes for my loves--the husband and the babes...have a great weekend!

  8. I love PR- Heidi is my girl crush, obv and Althea (from last season) is from my hometown! Where did you find all those great Valentine's pics? What are your V-day plans? xoe

  9. thanks for the valentine's sentiment. hope you have a fabulous valentine's with yours.

    missed p.r. but i'll catch up with an encore presentation.

    lovely ideas for valentine's, thanks.


  10. I don't watch PR, but that blue dress is great!

  11. Seriously. Anthony is the reason why I watch the show! He is sooo funny...


  12. Happy happy hearts day to you!!


  13. I loved this episode of PR! Anthony is hilarious. I did feel sorry for Anna though - she's just so sweet.

    And by the way, I just ran across your blog and love it! From reading your profile, it seems we have a lot in common :)


  14. Here's a kiss back at you pretty girl! I love Lady GaGa's lips and what beautiful Valentine's Day reminders! That heart maze shirt is amazing too. Happy V-Day!

  15. Happy Valentines Day! I love Anthony too! He has the best personality out of all of them!

  16. Hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I definitely love yours, and am adding you to my blog roll. Anthony is so darn cute.


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