Two Spoons, Please

Good Morning and good graces! I wish I had a clever opening statement today, but my brain has maxed out all its creative thinking power on a new website for work. So you'll have to excuse my rough segue. OMG, has it been a good 24 hours though! I mean, I won the giveaway over at Juliana's blog, (yay for a new iPod!!), and Colleen from LuLu's just emailed me back about a little something for you guys. But more on that at the end of the post... ; )

This is definitely a departure from what I usually write about, but I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to music and thought just one little music write-up wouldn't hurt. Don't worry, I'm not turning into a full-time music critic...I just call em' like I see em'.

Spoon, one of my fave little indie rock bands from Austin, Texas, recently released their 7th album Transference, in stores and on iTunes now. In my opinion, it's probably their best since 2002's Kill the Moonlight.

These guys have been around since, I dunno, like 1993. So they're not exactly new to the scene, just new to the mainstream scene, I guess. If you like bands such as Wilco, Band of Horses or Arctic Monkeys, you will probably enjoy Spoon, too.

And if you are a non-indie rock girl, fear not. Their lead singer is a total cutie patootie. So even if you don't want to listen to them, check out the band's funny, candid pics on their official website, here.

My favorite tracks:

"The Mystery Zone"- Catchy, quick and oh-so-appropriate if you're trying to power through the stack of papers on your desk. Really, try it.

"Written in Reverse"- You've seen this one on my "Now playing on my iPod" side thingy here on the blog for awhile, simply because this song doesn't get old. It's rough-yet-sugary pop music at its finest. Plus, I haven't heard anyone give a sexier "yell" in a song than lead singer Britt Daniel does in this one in a long, long time.

"Before Destruction"- Rolling Stone says, "It sounds at first like Daniel built the song with spare parts from old Badfinger and Radiohead records." Yeah. Exactly.

"I Saw the Light"- The lyrics are gold and keyboardist Eric Harvey shines ever-so-brightly in his solo parts.

"Got 'Nuffin"- Say the title a few times to yourself. Ga' head, it will make you smile. And with the crazy drums and vocals in this frenetic, caffeine-infused number, this might be your new Monday morning anthem.

Give these Texas boys some love, won't you?

Now, let's talk LuLu's!!

Ok, starting today through the end of February, all followers of A Blonde Ambition can get 15% off on EVERYTHING on LuLu's by entering the following code upon checkout: BLONDE

I heart LuLu's and I know all of you fashionistas will, too! I'm going right now to take advantage of the discount and I suggest you do, as well. A big, blonde and perfectly highlighted thank you to Colleen at LuLu's for hooking us up!


  1. I am off to iTunes to check out this band... and a new iPod?!?!?! Congrats lady!!!

  2. Congratulations on your new ipod!! How exciting!!

  3. I am going to check out this band now, sad to say I have never heard of them. Do you know the Avett Bros? They are fab and local to me. (NC)

  4. Yay new music. Thank you I will have to check them out. Congrats on your win! And yay for discounts! Thank you girl ox!

  5. I loved this post an 15% woo hoo!!!!! So glad you won the iPod babe, thank you for entering! I love doing these fun giveaways!

  6. Thank you Lulu's!! I am drooling over these: http://www.lulus.com/products/Bamboo+Beat+66B+Belted+and+Buckled+Chestnut+Heel+Boot/18115.html

  7. Oh to wear NORMAL clothes again! I want to shop people! Not for stretchy pants, but regular clothes-especially when there are coupons involved! Soon...soon Becky!!! LOL!

  8. i'm kind of a music nerd too...actually, i'm just a nerd in general. thanks for the music! off to check out LuLu's!

  9. I love indie!! Going to check them out now :D

  10. I was so excited to see you on twitter and I am genuinely sorry I am so horrible at commenting back! I just made my new resolution (now that it's Feb, of course) to always comment back! You are one of my more faithful readers and for that I am thankful! Thanks for the "getting in shape" tips...yoga booty ballet sounds like fun! Ah, hopefully I will get moving and stick to it- I bought a pedometer yesterday! So here's to wishful thinking! I hope you had an amazing Tuesday! xxm

  11. So many amazing things going on in this post lady! I will definitely have to check them out and I will most likely be browsing LuLu's now! Ha! Have a great day love xoxo

  12. YA for winning the giveaway!! Congrats!


  13. i hadn't heart of lulu's until today i'm off to check it out!!
    hope you had a fabulous day pretty girl!!

  14. Ah! Thank you :) I just discovered LuLu's yesterday, no, maybe it was today. Anyway, I was way overdo!! I love it!!

  15. Ooh thank you to you and Lulu's! :) And CONGRATS on the giveaway! Annnnnnnnd I heard Indie stuff! I clicked to listen and am already digging it.. I clicked the ffd button and it moved to another song! I was like "ooooh I can listen to more?! Love it!" haha! THanks for sharing!

  16. I had never heard of LuLu's. Thanks for sharing, they have the cutest stuff!!!

  17. I love LuLu's...thanks for the promo code and what a great band. I want to check them out!!

  18. hi leslie!

    just wanted to come by and congratulate you on your win from Juliana. isn't she amazing. love her already.

    i am loving your blog, think i will just start following you cause of it.

    love your sense of humor, it is so fun.

    will be commenting you more and more for sure.

    i love lulu*s too, i recently redeemed a gift voucher with them and got some great booties that i had to post about them in my blog.

    hope you're having a great weekend.



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