Adventures of the High Heel Mafia- Part 1

Ok, diving right in to today’s blog topic…it’s the 1st official edition of the High Heel Mafia. Whoop, whoop! BTW, can a mafia consist of just two people? Because it’s just Donna and I…so…yeah…just curious if we’re legit or not.
Anywhozit, the topic of today is “7 Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do." I’m only 25 and Donna is young too, but combined we’re like, really old. So we’re meshing our life experiences together to share what we think every woman should be able to do.

1. Dress to Fit Your Body Shape

To look your best, you gotta know what you actually look like. You laugh, but SO many women have no clue what shape their bodies really are.

A great way to figure out your shape is to decide where you are widest, (across the hips, the bust, etc.) and where you are narrowest.

Are your hips the widest part of your body? You might be a pear shape. Does your waist curve in or is it square? If your waist is significantly narrower than your hips, you are likely an hourglass. Broad shoulders and bust? Hello, you gorgeous apple.

Check out my post earlier this year about how to dress your body type. You can also check out this really great article from Glamour magazine about dressing “skinny”.

2. The Art of the Quick Escape

There is truly an art to the graceful exit. Whether it be cutting out early from a bad date, leaving early from a dull party or just getting away from the lady in accounting who can’t stop talking about her cats, there is a very specific skill set involved in making a smooth get-away.

So make sure that prior to any event, you have an arsenal of back-up plans and excuses for leaving at the ready. It sounds bad, but you’ll be glad you did.

3. Make One REALLY Good Meal

Whether you’re cooking for your significant other, a prospective significant other, your friends or your family, you should always have one go-to recipe on standby. Trust me from experience, never, EVER, try out a new recipe on a new audience. The repercussions are usually not pretty.

Do you make a mean pot roast? Maybe you’re best at frying chicken. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as it tastes good.

My go-to gal for any big meal…Paula Deen! She never requires weird or expensive ingredients and most of her stuff is relatively easy to make. I personally love her Bacon Rubbed Roast Tenderloin. Now that’s a girl who knows her way around the kitchen.

4. Write a Good Thank-You Note

In this day of e-mail, Facebook and texting, the simple hand-written thank-you note is almost extinct. But there is nothing that puts a smile on my face quicker than to receive a heartfelt card or letter.

The first step is to buy some really amazing stationary. I love Delphine for their custom-made cards and stationary.

Now it’s time to get to writing…

Use a good quality pen and, if you’re super OCD like me, lightly trace a few straight lines on the card with a pencil so your writing is level. You don’t want your recipient to think you’ve been drinking one too many mint juleps : )

Lastly, speak from the heart and address your recipient by name. If they’ve sent you a gift, remember to call it out specifically and maybe include a line about what you intend to use it for. Writing thank-you notes. It’s the classy thing to do.

Alright, that’s my schpeel. Now I’m going to turn it over to Donna. Donna, what have you got for us?

Thanks Leslie. (Why do I feel like I’m doing a newscast, haha?)There are a few precious things in life that I’ve learned how to do that I feel EVERY woman should know how to do. These things have made my life easier and better. And hopefully they will yours, too.

5. Buy the Right Size Bra

Ok, I bring this one up because I just read an article about how 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. I’ll confess. Until a few years ago, I was one of the 80%.

So many stores now have “fit specialists” or special events to help you find your “true size”, (and that size may surprise you). It could take a while to find a brand or style you like and works for you, but it’s worth the time and money. AND having someone to help you out makes the process a lot easier and less frustrating!

Wearing the right size bra improves your posture, which makes you look taller and thinner. Hey, anything that can do that is worth it right?

6. Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever met someone for the first time and there is just something about them… something that’s not quite right… something maybe even a little creepy.

Maybe you get that funny feeling walking back to your car in that parking lot at night. We’ve all had instances where we’ve felt a certain way and we just can’t explain why.

It’s important to recognize and act on “your gut” sometimes rather than acting on logic, (which is what we’re taught to believe.) Just talk to any behavioral expert or psychologist and they’ll tell you, having strong feelings of intuition about a person or situation can speak louder than any words.

Think about the times you should have “gone with your first instinct” or that time you though, “I always had a feeling about that.” Call it what you want; instinct, going with your gut or ESP. It can save your life.

Ladies, if your first instinct is that something isn’t quite right or a person shouldn’t be trusted, don’t discount that feeling.

7. Simple Car Maintenance

Ok, I’m not saying you need to learn how to change the oil in your car or rotate the tires, although my Southern dad would be proud if I was! I’m talking about the quick little “checks” like checking the oil and the tire pressure. Of course, when you take your car in for regular maintenance, they check all of these things for you, but it always makes me feel a little better ,(and a bit tough and manly, haha), if I check those things out before a road trip.

Ask your dad, brother, significant other or male co-worker who knows a thing or two about cars to give you a quick lesson.

By just taking a few minutes to check the oil, tire pressure and gauges, you could save yourself a lot of time, money and heartache. Believe me! If my cousin and I would have done that in college, we wouldn’t have been stranded on the wrong side of town at 3 a.m…but that’s another story. All I can say is thank goodness for guy friends who answered their phones.

Back to you, Leslie, (in my best Katie Couric voice.)

Haha, thanks Donna! Ok, we’ll I hope ya’ll have enjoyed reading this as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for next Friday’s edition in which we’ll discuss…(cue that weird sound from the opening of Law and Order)…dating. How to play the field gracefully and keep your dignity intact.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love this!!!! Keep this post up, girls! I kinda love the "high heeled mafia!"

  2. I love this! I am looking forward to next weeks!!

  3. I love this post!!!! And I love the "high heeled mafia" haha! I need to learn to cook a good meal...or really just cook in general!

  4. This post is FANTASTIC ladies... yes, these are things that every woman must know, in addition to the fact that shopping cures everything-hehe!!! Great topics adn I can't wait to see more!!

  5. Ooh, look at all them GORGEOUS shoes! Loving your chronicals ladies, they are fantastic and the images are just as fun. Love me Paula Deen too, ya'll...I so wanna try that Bacon Rubbed Roast, sounds delish. You are write about hand-written notes/letters, which reminds me I've gotta jot one down today. Again lovely pictures to tell your "must knows" and so true about showing your car some TLC.

    AWESOME post ladies.

    have a STUPENDOUS weekend

  6. Oh how fun and I couldn't agree more! Those are all such important things for us women to know! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What great tips and it is so true one should take care of their car, my girlfriend forgot to change her oil once and fried her engine, oops! :) I need to learn how to cook better, that meal she posted sounds good! Have a great weekend Leslie!

  8. Thanks for sharing, gals...You just put a smile on my face! Have a great weekend! xoxo

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    Love ur blog!

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  12. Well done ladies - all of these were such great tidbits! I especially love the info about checking over your car and thank you notes. These were two things my mother and father stressed were so important.

    Now - if I could just get my art of exit right when that darn lady from accounting won't zip it about the cats and I'd be good - I loved that reference Leslie.

    Nice to "meet" you Donna! ox

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    I love that picture of the heels at the beginning ... I was at my dad's show this weekend and I ran around in 4" spikes for over 12 hours. My dad's conductor and producer (both male, of course) asked me how I could walk in them. I told them they were some of the most comfortable shoes I owned and they didn't believe me!!

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